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The NFL Isn’t Ready for How Big of a Disaster This Season Will Be


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Earlier this week the Philadelphia Eagles met with NFL referees to learn about the league's new rules, particularly the new zero-tolerance rule for helmet lowering. This is all standard operating procedure in the NFL. The league tweaks it rules in the offseason in a futile attempt to appease both viewers and their lawyers, and then refs go on a whistle-stop tour and explain to each team what they can and cannot do, and then Patriots win 13 games because they are the only team that manages to stay awake during the PowerPoint presentation. Anyway, the Eagles presentation was notable because, as Tim McManus at ESPN reported, players came out of the meeting still awake but unsure as to what they just sat through:


"We were trying to ask questions to get a better understanding, and yet they couldn't really give us an answer," linebacker Nigel Bradham said. "They couldn't give us what we were looking for."

During the presentation, which lasted close to an hour according to Bradham, players were shown clips of what are now considered illegal hits—some of which appeared to them as routine tackles.


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Here's the NFL's fact sheet for the new helmet rule. It includes some very dull videos for different positions that aren't necessarily clear in describing what is and isn't allowed. Given that this is a potential ejection for something that has always been legal and basically standard Football form, if this is implemented in an inconsistent way, it'll be real trouble.

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