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Hyper Scape (FPS Battle Royale from Ubisoft Montreal) - Information Thread, update: RIP


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Welcome to Hyper Scape, an all-new free-to-play urban battle royale set in the sprawling virtual city of Neo Arcadia. Do you have what it takes to be a champion of the Hyper Scape? Join the Technical Test by watching Twitch streams and earning Drops!


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Hyper Scape is big on ideas, but lacking in personality (PCGamesN)


Ultimately, having anything in common with one of the best multiplayer games of the past few years (Apex Legends) is no bad thing, but a lack of personality is harder to overcome as a player. Ubisoft plans to layer in story elements as part of Hyper Scape’s season-based post-launch cycle, but the Tron-inspired virtual world and neo-Parisian map currently feel bland, with uniform buildings and little to distinguish one district from another. Hopefully, a little more life can be injected into this world, because the core gameplay is sharp and I’m eager to see what skilled players can string together with the game’s versatile hacking abilities.



Hands-on with Hyper Scape, Ubisoft's urban battle royale shooter (PC Gamer)


If the battle royale genre didn't feel crowded enough, Ubisoft is diving into the scene with free-to-play sci-fi FPS Hyper Scape. It's the most fun I've had moving around a battle royale map, but after a few hours and a dozen-or-so matches, I'm not totally convinced that Hyper Scape will stand out from the deeper battle royale games that millions of players are already invested in.


Where Hyper Scape is unquestionably unique is in its map, Neo Arcadia, a sprawling kilometer-wide city that looks like London filtered through a digitizer. For a game that mid-range PCs should handle well, it's a great-looking utopian skyline flanked by massive churches, hotels, and skyscrapers.



Ubisoft’s new battle royale game is for the looters, not the shooters (Polygon)


The “spectacle” aspect of the game was a huge selling point for Ubisoft, and given the Twitch support in-game, it’s clear that the designers want this game to appeal to spectators as much as players. But watching people look for weapons in a big building isn’t exactly riveting. Of course, Ubisoft is still working on Hyper Scape, and the designers’ focus on spectacle likely means they’ll try to find ways to incentivize players to play aggressively.


In my limited time with the game, that action-packed incentive isn’t there yet. Hyper Scape’s fluid, fast-paced feel is better for running away from a fight than running toward one. But a lot can change about a battle royale game after a beta, and even after a release, and Hyper Scape plays well at the very least — the hardest thing to fix post-launch.



Hyper Scape is a battle royale with a few smart ideas of its own (Eurogamer)


It has been, as ever, a very Ubisoft reveal. You know the details well before the official embargo is up: Ubisoft Montreal, along with a flotilla of other Ubisoft studios, is working on a triple-A, free-to-play battle royale. You know the name as well, and you may, like me, still be struggling to get your head around it. Hype Escape? So that's what you call it when another big Ubisoft title leaks ahead of time. Oh, Hyper Scape? Yeah, I'm still not feeling it I'm afraid.


I'm happy to say that, having had a deep dive into the thinking behind Hyper Scape and a handful of matches, there's some real promise here, though, and more than a handful of smart ideas it's bringing to the table. First, the details - Hyper Scape is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this summer, with a tech test that's effectively a closed beta starting on PC today. The premise takes us to the not-so-distant future of 2054, with Hyper Scape's fiction like William Gibson on happy pills. It's a world which gets all its entertainment from the internet and where the virtual space is used for an all-out Battle Royale which keeps people occupied (actually, typing it out, it's not so much a fiction as a mirror of our current world, but there you go).



What We Like and Don't Like About Ubisoft's New Battle Royale, Hyper Scape (USgamer)


Following my time with Hyper Scape, I walked away intrigued with it. Assuming Ubisoft can add more impact and strength to the weapons, there are some excellent design choices in the game itself. The battle royale genre is crowded and it's going to be hard for Hyper Scape to make its mark though. The free-to-play nature of the game may help draw people in, but I'm not sure what I played will convince those seasons-deep in Fortnite, Apex Legends, or Call of Duty: Warzone to make the transition.


Still, a high-flying, very agile battle royale definitely feels more enticing to me compared to the competition. We'll see if the rest of the audience sees the digital magic in Hyper Scape as it heads into its technical test today.



Hyper Scape: Hands On With Ubisoft's Urban-Only Battle Royale (IGN)


There’s not an open grassy plain, thicket, or forest to be found in Hyper Scape, Ubisoft Montreal’s upcoming battle royale first-person shooter. Rural areas are a traditional component of the genre, with natural biomes offering a change of engagement distances and cover opportunities, but Hyper Scape rejects tradition and takes place on an exclusively urban map. Made up of housing blocks, factories, monuments, and courtyards, in this city playground, as long as it’s man-made, it’s fair game.


While the changes a fully urban map brings are many, there’s one that serves as a fundamental change to the way you have to think about this version of battle royale: verticality. Hyper Scape is set in Neo Arcadia, a city that’s essentially a high-tech reimagining of Paris, complete with zinc-roofed townhouses and even the actual Notre Dame cathedral. And if you’ve been to Paris, or seen it in a film, then you’ll know the city has a lot of height. Hyper Scape is all about using that height.



Yes, Hyper Scape is another free-to-play battle royale game, but Ubisoft is already making a compelling case for its existence (GamesRadar+)


Spending three hours with the upcoming tech test build, I'm not yet convinced its gunplay is either as  robust or satisfying as its peers, but there's certainly fun to be had in experimenting with its table-turning hacks, off-kilter weaponry, and freeform mobility. There's room for improvement, basically, but what battle royale hasn't started off with one foot in the mud? The question is whether Prisma Dimensions can find a safe place to land in the ever expanding arena of battle royale games, and hit the ground running. 




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Needs a wall run. City seems designed for it, but if one is in I didn't notice it. Shooting feels loose and kind of weird. Dunno what it is about Battle Royale games and inferior gunplay but it's becoming a really tired trend. Turning into a ball and bouncing around like an idiot was good dumb fun.

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 I'm terrible at BRs so I don't play often but stuff like this and Apex seem a hundred times more enticing than the CODs and PUBGs of the genre.  If you have this giant map/playspace in a competitive multiplayer FPS, why not go all out and add creative movesets, interesting traversal mechanics, even physics and destructible environments?  I'm still holding out to see what an IP like Titanfall and a modern day-set Battlefield will bring to the table before I get invested in this genre, but this game seems like it has some decent potential so far.

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