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Steam might be introducing a "loyalty rewards" system

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Steam seemingly getting loyalty rewards soon


More interestingly, Valve also appears to be working on a loyalty rewards system for Steam users. Djundik says loyalty status will be based on points, but it’s not clear how these points will be accrued. It’s possible the two are connected.


These rewards include boosting profile levels, badges and perhaps even game discounts, according to Djundik.


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1 hour ago, Link200 said:

Seems a bit late for that. Most of their user-base owns 150+ games at this point  :rofl:


I mean if anything the cards already sort of serve this purpose, no? I buy a game, I play it, I sell any cards I get for a couple of cents below the going rate to make sure they immediately move. I save a couple of bucks a game every once in a while as a result. Which seems basically in line with the value that retail loyalty programs typically offer.



Still salty about managing to lock myself out of my account during that initial week where cards were selling for a couple of dollars a pop. :(


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