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James Lipton Passed Away Today

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Impeccably professional, always fully prepared, and his softness brought out so much from those being interviewed. A benchmark in which all others should strive to achieve in such a field. I didn't know he was that old, just merely wish we could have gotten decades more of time with him & his interviews as they were never a bore to watch. 



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35 minutes ago, Bloodporne said:

James Lipton was fantastic, I used to love watching his show. His interviews with Dave Chappelle were fantastic and it seemed like they had become legit friends by the end. 


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Yeah, they most definitely did since it was Dave Chappelle who then interviewed Lipton on the Lipton episode.

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I remember the Conan episode and how he was lightly roasting Lipton for a decent portion of it. Lipton himself was enjoying it and having a good time. It showed that even though his show had a serious air about it, he still had a good sense of humor and didn’t take himself too seriously.

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