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Nightdive Studios announces remaster for 1998 PC/console shooter "Forsaken" (July 31 release for PC/XB1)

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I liked Forsaken as a Descent clone on N64. 


Funny story, I used to work at a mom and pops video game stand there was this one time when 2 young boys were shopping ones was maybe 11 and the other maybe 7 and the 7 year old was so excited when he saw that we had Forsaken, that he ran to tell his brother and he kept yelling in the store "FORESKIN FORESKIN THEY HAVE FORESKIN"  a co-worker of mine walked over to the kid and asked what the game was called and the kid said "Foreskin?" my co-worker laughed and walked away 

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Is it sad that I remembered the old commercial but couldn't remember the actual game?


I had to google it to temember what kind of game it was, then i rememberedthat i actually owned it lol.


Also, it says 360-degrees of movement, but that would technically be on a flat plane. Since you can move on more than one axis wouldnt that be 360*360?


Nevermind. I suck at science and math and life stuff.

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