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Sanders: Trump will discuss allowing Russia to interrogate US officials

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This particular episode has me flashing back to the Bowe Bergdahl incident.


Once the Right emphatically rationalized that it was right to have our enemies torture and murder a soldier we could otherwise save this type of thing was on the table.


It might seem crazy now, but the real question is whether Trump, Fox News, and rightwing media can demonize Browder and McFaul enough for their base to rationalize that they "deserve it". Hell, the very fact that McFaul worked for Obama probably gets them halfway there.

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I really try to refrain from the whole “can you imagine if Obama..,” because while amusing to illustrate Republican hypocrisy,  it really only drives a deeper partisan wedge.


But I cannot help myself here. Can you imagine if Obama was considering shipping US citizens overseas to be interrogated, or inviting Russians to US soil to interview Americans?


Like holy fucking shit.

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