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NPD: Best-selling PS4 games, overall and exclusives


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48 minutes ago, Dodger said:

Glad to see Bloodborne 5th. I wonder what its lifetime sales are. 

Sony announced at 2015 TGS, that global sales had passed 2 million.  It was added to PS+ in 2018 -- so that would inflate the numbers significantly.


I don't think Sony/From have ever publicly announced a life-to-date sales figure, put I would guess that (excluding PS+) it is in the 3-4 million range.

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3 hours ago, JPDunks4 said:

All that shows me is BF1 sold a lot.  I never though the BF series was a huge seller.  Yet it outsold Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, Halo 5 on their respective platforms.  


That's impressive.


This is my takeaway as well. Some interesting notes here: even for PS4, only 3 exclusives made it onto the "all games" list. I always assumed exclusives were bigger than franchises on the PS4. Also interesting is that NBA 2K18 made it onto PS4's list but not Xbox One's list, and 4 Call of Duty games on PS4 but 5 made it on Xbox One. Battlefield 1 and two Rockstar games on both lists as well tells me that little has changed in the broad sense of gamers: shooters and sports games. I had thought exclusives and indies were making more headway, but, I guess most people still just play CoD or Battlefield or the latest Grand Theft Auto. 


I mean, four of the best selling PS4 games were CoD games, and five for Xbox One? Best selling games of all time so far? Jesus. I mean, some of those games were hardly different than some of the other ones. Didn't the Modern Warfare trilogy sort of put that genre to bed? People aren't tired of the same for 15 years now?

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