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A white lady on my Instagram turned into an anti vaxxer


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Her husband is a chemist (or so she says, this dude didn’t go to college, he could be on some breaking bad shit or is an assistant at walgreens) so that’s how she knows they are bad and cause autism. My mom is a nurse and she asked my mom for a recommendation for him at the lab for the hospital she works at and my mom said hell nah.


She posts pics of the ingredients in vaccines and asks why As the medical field has advanced they are adding more chemicals to the vaccines. “Nobody had autism when I was in school”. I considered saying something but her comments are like a war zone of people talking sense and then her and two other people acting like idiots. 


Her oldest kid is vaccinated but she said she waited until she had to. She has three other kids though. She’d probably have more but I think she mentioned that there were complications with the last one which is a blessing to all of us. CPS should get involved 


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I was going to make the same exact same post as Biggie, but with substantially less genuine worries about white genocide embedded in my sentiment :lol:



5 hours ago, johnny said:

99% of anti-vaxxers are white women 



Oh sure, blame us but what you leave out is that Andrew Wakefield was actually a black guy in whiteface plotting to trick white ladies into killing their babies with ignorance and smallpox.






Annnnnd this theory already has a totally serious 10 page discussion on Stormfront 10 seconds after I hit submit reply....

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White people are leading the charge on this bullshit in that they’re the ones out there spending money and meeting with stupid ass lawmakers to voice their concerns (a meeting no lawmaker should take and certainly not turn it into a fucking photo op news story, thanks Jessica.


An unfortunate consequence is that it spreads misinformation and fear to the less informed and impoverished, which is disproportionately minority. 


Few things get me more heated than the anti-vaccination crowd. 

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13 hours ago, Biggie said:

What does her race have to do with the story? Like why say she’s white? Does it add anything? 


Wow, racist much?


Interesting that you didnt take issue with him point out her gender. HMMM I WONDER WHY.

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