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Chucky allegedly told Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats to "stand down" during Kavanaugh hearing

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Schumer seemed to share Feinstein’s desire for moderation. Grim reports that he “repeatedly told outside allies that a furious stand against Kavanaugh would enrage Trump supporters and only disappoint progressive voters. We have no power, he explained repeatedly.” When Kavanaugh’s nomination was first announced, Demand Justice, an activist group, threatened to run ads against conservative Senate Democrats likely to vote for the judge; namely, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Schumer, Grim writes, “was furious” with the group. He had a caucus to protect.



If Schumer instead took the methodical approach that McConnell once employed, as former Reid staffer Adam Jentleson explained, making McConnell produce votes twice and using all debate time in between, it’s unlikely that all 15 judges would be confirmed between now and the end of the year. A determined majority can eventually confirm an individual judge, but between midterm elections, holidays, and many Republicans off to John McCain’s funeral—the real reason for yesterday’s deal—there just isn’t a lot of Senate floor time available. The result would be fewer of Trump’s judges getting confirmed. The power they will wield once they’re on the bench will be vastly more consequential than Schumer’s one-sided display of collegiality.


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Like it's actually kind of incredible. The GOP goes out of their way to keep their base happy by pushing shitty policies that don't make any sense but are popular, while the Democrats keep refusing to listen to their base on issues the base is vocal about. It's not just the gerrymandering keeping the GOP in power.

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