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Any guesses on what might be released during the show?

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There's seemingly a dearth of interesting news at this year's E3, but I'm always in interested in what sort of surprise/shadow releases might happen during the conference.  What are everybody's bets on this?  Do you anticipate any exciting releases that coincide with any of the presentations?  There's a rumor that Cadence of Hyrule may be released, and I'd be super excited about that.

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This is likely to be the weakest E3 in some time, with the end of generation looming, and MS be the only platform holder that is still attending. Rumor has a new Fable dropping and I suspect we'll see quite a few indie titles announced since there is a lot more "air" not being swallowed up by Sony and Nintendo. Beyond that, I suspect we'll see several new Xbox IPs as the brand now rests on IPs and platform agnosticism. 

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How many gears games will we hear about? What are the chances the ones announced don’t make it.


Also mother 3 on switch

A fable game  on Xbox

Halo Royale

Sky’s of Arcadia hd

new Lumines game

Metal Gear Solid HD collection 

konami beat’em ups collection

new Conker game

Zelda Link to the past release

Mario kart 9

pikman collection

snatcher hd

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2 minutes ago, ShreddieMercuryRising said:

Wait, is this supposed to happen??  I love The Evil Within 2!

Reports say Mikami will be there. I assume to announce his next game. Whether that is The Evil Within 3 or a new IP, I don’t know. I am just speculating. 

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42 minutes ago, Paperclyp said:

You really think so?? 

June - Mario Maker 2

July - Fire Emblem

Aug - Astral Chain

Sep - Animal Crossing

Oct - Luigi’s Mansion 3

Nov - Pokémon 

Dec - Link’s Awakening or Shin Megumi Tensei V


This is my guess for Nintendo in 2019. MP from all reports is done. I think it’s a lock for 2019.  I could see it drop at the show or be used in Sep or Oct if a game above doesn’t come out in 2019. 



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