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Bosch - Season 5 (April 19)

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I know that @Bitgod and I are the only ones watching this show but the other thread got eaten so I figured I'd bring it back.


Season 4 was quite strong and I probably wouldn't watch the 5th season without seeing that season first if you're planning to jump in. I know a lot of people were fed up with how formulaic the show was, or whatever, but season 4 broke the mold. That being said every season is a bit different so really it breaks the mold every year.


In any case, really looking forward to season 5! :thumbup:

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My wife and I watch the show.  It is a good fun cop show.  Not something life changing, but better than most content that gets pushed out these days.


Also I have read several of the books and I like that they did a pretty faithful representation of who the characters are but they have created their own path and aren't just retelling the stories from the books as a straight adaptation.  

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So I finished the season a couple days ago. I would say overall solid but nothing mind blowing.

I did like how it took the approach of last season and kind of followed current events, like the opioid crisis.

But the season felt like a “character building” season, like a setup for next season more than anything. But like I said it was enjoyable.

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I'm fairly certain I've mentioned watching this show on previous threads but I actually just started watching season 4 yesterday. So far it's the only Amazon series that I have invested more than one season (The Tick being the only other one that I have finished a full season).

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