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Right-wing populism fuels sharp increase in European measles cases

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2 minutes ago, Chairslinger said:

I still remember an argument I had with Engel on here 5+ years ago where he tortured the hell out of the data to prove anti-vaxxers were entirely a left wing problem.


At the time it was probably about 50/50 and ever since then the right has really went out of their way to make it theirs.

In the United States, it's more than likely largely a left-wing problem.

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14 minutes ago, SFLUFAN said:

Not "political party", but rather the "political ideology" of populism/anti-elitism which can manifest itself in both the left and the right.


7 minutes ago, CastlevaniaNut18 said:

I've seen people on the political right have anti-vaxx views and I've seen people on the far left say "vaccinate your kids, moron."


I remember reading something about it largely being about this weird corner case of being just educated enough to convince yourself that you ought to be able to figure this out for yourself, but not actually educated enough to do so.

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