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What 2018 game has the best “boy”?


What 2018 game has the best “BOY”?  

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  1. 1. What 2018 game has the best “BOY”?

    • God of War - “BOY!”
    • Red Dead Redemption 2 - “That’s mah booooi”

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My blistering hot take is that God of War’s BOY is the better BOY.


While both BOYS have killed... a lot of stuff, God of War’s BOY does so intentionally. Honestly I don’t blame Red Dead Redemption 2’s BOY for being such a stone cold killer. It’s to be expected as an obvious sufferer of CTE, having run into so many fucking trees at full speed. Also God of War’s BOY is annoying and uncontrollable for only a brief segment of that game, whereas RDR2’s BOY cannot be controlled well through reasonable means. He ignores waypoints, tramples on the innocent and guilty alike, and is disappointingly not immune to fire.


So given the option of spending time with GOW’s BOY or RDR2’s BOY, I would prefer to spend time with GOW’s. He PROBABLY won’t kick strangers in the face in front of the law, which is more than I can say about RDR2’s.

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5 minutes ago, Captain Pickle said:



Last of Us.


Also, you're sexist!

If Joel called Ellie BOY and TLoU came out in 2018 I would ABSOLUTELY agree. Ellie cannot be seen by enemies giving her a clear tactical advantage as she fucking herp derps all over the goddamned map.

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