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USC and UCLA jumped ship to the Big 10. Colorado announces it is joining the Big 12. Now rumor is Arizona is making the move to the Big 12. Arizona State and Utah possibly to follow. B10 exploring Oregon and Washington. The Pac 12 crumbled quickly.


Arizona is in deep discussions about joining the Big 12, sources told ESPN, with a deal expected to be finalized in the near future.


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Let’s be real, the PAC 10 sucked anyway. Florida State could leave the ACC but I think it’s just a ploy to gain a bigger piece of the money pie. They enjoy the weaker competition of the ACC. If they moved to the SEC they would become Vanderbilt 2.0

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2 hours ago, Biggie said:

Florida State could leave the ACC but I think it’s just a ploy to gain a bigger piece of the money pie.


The FSU president came right out and said that's exactly the reason.



FSU's president called the ACC situation an 'existential crisis' for Florida State and encouraged the ongoing exploration of other options.




After months of inflammatory language and complaints about the ACC’s revenue distributions, Florida State University leadership finally made a not-so-veiled threat to the conference of which it has been a member since 1991.


“I believe that FSU will have to, at some point, consider very seriously leaving the ACC — unless there were a radical change to the revenue distribution,” FSU president Rick McCullough said at a meeting of the Seminoles’ Board of Trustees on Wednesday.


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FSU isn't going anywhere; the conference's grant of rights runs through 2036 and is more or less unbreakable (FSU openly said its counsel have studied it for over a year, and they still haven't figured a way out). Between that and the fact that FSU/Clemson leaving would spell the end of the conference, the ACC will bet the house and the farm against any and all litigation.

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The Big 12 bumped the league's membership to 16 teams beginning in 2024-25 after unanimously voting in Utah and Arizona State on Friday.

The Big Ten added Oregon and Washington as new members Friday, strengthening the Western flank of the rapidly growing conference while dealing a major blow to the Pac-12.


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