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Absolutely no one takes Destiny 2's lore seriously, right?

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Because this article really makes it seem like some seriously Grade A+ bullshit.


(Naturally, there are spoilers contained therein)



The Traveler, The Witness, The Veil, and The Final Shape are finally being explained


I know that Halo's lore was getting to be a bit eye-rolling towards the end of Bungie's tenure on the series, but at least there was some degree of restraint which now appears to have been completely thrown out the window with Destiny!

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If you want to go deep into Destiny lore, there's no one better than Byf, who has a million subs, so some people must care. I think the deep lore stuff is terrible and insane and pointless to keep up with.


However, I think Destiny 2 now is much better at telling stories than it was at launch. Last year's expansion, The Witch Queen had a fairly compelling story and some decent seasonal stories as well. Not all of them are great, but they've built up some decent characters and create some real drama from time to time. I wish we'd see more effects of the storytelling in the game worlds, but there's no doubt it's miles better than it was in the past.

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I'm not a fan of the limited-time story because if you don't stay up-to-date and are constantly playing, you miss parts of the story. You could stop playing Final Fantasy XIV for years, but when you return, it's still possible to catch up with the story if you have the expansions. You can't do that with Destiny 2 when they remove the content.

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The biggest think that hurts the reputation of Destiny’s story is Destiny 1. And especially Destiny 1 year 1. Where 90% of the story, lore, and overall world building was in cards you collected and then had to go to Bungie’s website and read them. And then the meme that was the vanilla campaign where an NPC literally told the player “I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain”, which felt like a perfect way to summarize the narration in the game. 

It has since gotten better as more and more gets fleshed out. At this point the hardest thing to wrap your head around is all the weird alien names. But that is common for many fictional worlds and even real history if you’re like an American kid trying to get into Asian history. It takes time to learn who everyone is. 

other than that with Destiny it’s just been a huge case of “tune in next time”. Very little actually gets resolved. It doesn’t help that some campaigns are gone from the game and seasonal stories are removed at the end of every expansion year. So returning players that have been gone for years can come in and be just as lost as many new players. Characters have appeared or disappeared from the game and you don’t know why or how. Unexpected alliances forged and you just have to accept it because the story showing you it happened is no longer in the game. 

For those of us who’ve played the game for years if not since the beginning it’s far better than it used to be. For everyone else there is a barrier that can appear impenetrable. 

it’s not unlike other properties in a way. Like Star Wars. No way a person could make Episode 9 their first piece of Star Wars media. Even some of the Tv shows seemingly require other Tv series and movies to understand what’s going on. 

D2 has been an on going narrative with yearly chapter since 2013 and weekly story beats I’m between since 2019. A lot has happened and there’s a lot more to know. 


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I'm an avid Destiny 2 player, and I think the lore is actually quite good and cool. Really imaginative and creative stuff. Honestly some of the best lore in any video game if you go deep enough. It's really hard for casual fans to get into it and wrap their heads around it though, I'll admit. This week's video was quite cool, and nice to finally get some answers about The Witness, The Veil (it is not the winnower as the Polygon article states), and the general history of this Light and Darkness saga.


I'm not sure how I feel though about the revelation that the Pyramids are not actually the opposite cosmic for to The Traveler, but instead a highly advanced civilization's creations. For years we all thought the Pyramids were like the Traveler's antithesis; white vs black, Light vs Dark, an orb having infinite "sides" vs tetrahedrons which have only 4 sides the least a 3D object can have, creation vs destruction, the one vs the many. Even thought The Witness was a paracausal entity, but it is in fact some weird alien race, albeit not a natural one.

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