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~Shocktober 2021!~ A Horrorfest of Gaming Frights!


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We tried this last year which was fun, and now with October here, it's time for some horror fun once again!


In the spirit of the spooky season Shocktoberfest is all about playing horror games! Yes you're encouraged to get scared for fun. Unlike Backlaugust these games don't necessarily have to be from your backlog (although that's always encouraged to chip away at), these can be games that you want to replay, new games coming out, or games you haven't played yet but always wanted to pick up, ex. have you been wanting to play Resident Evil 7? Then it'll more than likely go on sale this month, so go ahead and buy it and finally play through it.


The only requirement is that the games be horror themed. Survival horror, action horror, doesn't matter, any horror works!


From now until the end of Halloween night let's encourage each other to brave through these frightening games and have fun along the way!


Last year I replayed Dead Space 2, so this year I think I'll finally play 3! I think once the Telltale Walking Dead games go on sale I'll play through those as well since I played Season Two during Backlaugust, so best to play the rest while Season Two is still fresh in my mind.


So let's get started, and have fun encouraging each other, and discussing what we're currently playing. Don't forget to spoiler tag anything that might ruin something for someone else who hasn't yet played a game as there's nothing scarier than an unwelcomed surprise spoiler! I'll add a finished list so we can see what we've made through.


Happy Haunting!



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