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After winning the 1999 NBA Championship, the San Antonio Spurs had an in-flight StarCraft LAN party

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Oh sure, when NBA Champions do this on their flight, it's all cool. But when I try to get everyone in on an in-flight LAN party, I'm "disruptive" and "rude" and "sir, please sit down or we will escort you off the aircraft." 


Professional sports players have too much privilege. 

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Tim Duncan used to also get all the Spurs together to play paintball at a field down the street here. He apparently really loved paintball. I imagine he got shot a lot though; that's a big fuckin' target.


Sigh... I miss that era already. I've been a Spurs fan (SA native) most of my life, but damn they're not making it easy to like them lately. As much as I like Pop, I think it's time for a change. I honestly don't think his heart is in it ever since the Big 3 retired and his wife passed away. The Spurs went from "The Beautiful Game" to "what the fuck are they even doing?" in less than a few seasons.

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