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The last year has visibly aged me


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I know that's true of a lot of people. Also how time works. I just feel weighed down and exhausted. I'm wrinkled. I am actually growing more facial hair. Working the last 6 months in the service industry where 75% of the people going out have been the ones that were already assholes to begin with. Being laid off twice, and when they ask me to come back I can't say no otherwise I lose unemployment benefits. The ups and (ultimately) downs of my relationship, which are probably related. The crazy guy that lives above the restaurant and threatens people and shit every day and there's nothing we can do about it but it's a situation every. Single. Fucking. Day. Etc.


There was like a solid month last summer when everything was chill. My unemployment was enough to get me through, I was filling my time doing charity work with my dad, my relationship was great, then I had to go back to work and everything kind of went to shit.


Sorry about the blog post, this is just one of those days where I'm really feeling it. Can't talk about it with coworkers because we're all feeling it and talking about it just makes it worse.

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I managed to catch the landlord and the crazy guy today. I basically was like if you don't do something about him, we'll have to. Obviously I don't mean anything violent, it's just getting to a point where we need to file a restraining order against him. I'm sure that's a headache for everyone involved, including me

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