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Steam Autumn Sale (11/25-12/1)


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Whatchu gettin?



I honestly might not get anything. Most of the stuff on sale seems to be the same stuff that goes on sale all the time, anyway, so I don't feel the need to go bonkers.



Batman: Arkham Knight - $5

Sunset Overdrive - $5

Watch Dogs 2 - $10

Persona 4 Golden - $16

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - $6

Doom Eternal - $20

Control - $20

My Friend Pedro - $10

Hearts of Iron IV - $10

Black Mesa DeFiNiTiVe EdItIoN - $10

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy - $15

Indivisible - $20

Divinity: Original Sin II - $18

Jedi: Fallen Order - $24

Borderlands 3 - $20

Death Stranding - $30

The Outer Worlds - $30

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2 hours ago, BlueAngel said:

Picked up Morrowind, Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda. But damn does 3 have some major issues, the performance is terrible at times literally dropping below 60fps for no apparent reason, my GPU isn't even stressing or going into high load mode it's barely hitting 800MHz I don't know what's up.

I actually liked Andromeda until someone decided to put fucking sudokus in my shooter RPG.

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