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  1. He's asking/telling the President of Mexico to become a dictator and prevent people in Mexico from crossing the border. Nothing says freedom like stationing your own military on the border to prevent your own citizens from crossing.
  2. They will be: Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri.
  3. We had bread lines on the ship for the ship's store, so ya.
  4. He will use the tariff money from Mexican imports payed by American consumers to pay for his wall - therefore Mexico is paying for it!
  5. Any officer who was complicit in this should be punished. The officer or officers who gave the order to carry this out should booted out of the Navy.
  6. Maybe you just need a hot cup of covfefe and a hamberder with cheese to change your mind?
  7. There probably wont be any of but I still want to post because I love .
  8. Considering his age and income over the last 40 years, Sanders should have been a multi-millionaire YEARS ago. But he's shitty with his money. He's the type of person who "invests" in timeshares, I bet.
  9. That's my take on it. She's trolling the POTUS to get a reaction out of him.
  10. If this is true, why hasn't the DoJ charged the "other side" with the crime? What a bunch of cucks.
  11. Sour grapes. California is going to be pissed if they have to throw their 55 electoral votes to some Republican who only garnered 35% of the popular vote in the state, regardless if that GOP candidate would have won the election conventionally.
  12. The compact will fall apart the first time a republican wins the popular vote.
  13. Maybe they could all go on Oprah, win cars from her, and immediately sell those prize cars to cover the taxes on the cars AND their tuition payoff?
  14. I propose we use Schrute Bucks.
  15. No, I was just pointing out that even beyond individual people, governments (even liberal ones like California) do value fetuses as human life under certain circumstances.
  16. Many states will consider it double homicide if a pregnant woman is murdered. Famously, Scott Peterson is on death row in California for not only killing his wife, but also the fetus inside of her.
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