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  1. He's just pissed that it pretty much left Puerto Rico alone.
  2. I'll take my 15 minute drive to work over having to revolve my life around bus schedules and 1 or more hours bus rides, thank you.
  3. Yeah we getting UBCs now. Hopefully it's a good version that people will actually want to use.
  4. The government can't ban them anymore than they can ban free speech. It's baked into the constitution.
  5. Pistols accounted for 4 of the 8 mass shootings this year. If you want to broaden your definition of what a mass shooting is, pistols make up an overwhelming majority of these incidents. Banning ARs and AKs will not curb mass shootings.
  6. I don't know the answer on how to curb mass shootings.
  7. An interesting article on the decline of the serial killer. Many of today's mass shooters will cite past mass shooter's "score" when they carry out their own attacks. Hopefully mass shootings become less frequent, just as serial killings did as well.
  8. If you are kicked out of the party, are you also effectively kicked out as a mp?
  9. Buyback is just a nice way of saying confiscation. Let the politicians who support this strategy call it what it is, and those support numbers will drop.
  10. Shooter identified according to multiple sources. No motive known at this point.
  11. I guess my question is, would you be fine with the police coming to your house and searching for weapons, after making such a statement on D1P?
  12. The lower the pressure, the more energy the hurricane has.
  13. I just want to point out your post is dangerously close to being one that would get you "red flagged" in some states. Whether you actually own guns or not would be irrelevant. A judge could order the police to your house and have them search it.
  14. Are you sure about California? I remember having to do smog inspections, but I don't ever remember having to do safety inspections for any of my vehicles. FWIW, I've lived in WA, SC, CA, NY, AZ, OR, and most recently NV. The only state that I had to do safety inspection in was NY. Ironically I failed a safety inspection there because they couldn't remove my wheels to inspect the brakes because I didn't own the special lug nut key thing.
  15. Just like from the movie Contact - why build one of them when you could build two at twice the cost?
  16. South Carolina (at least when I lived there) you could pay an upfront fine when you registered your car so you didn't have to get insurance. Most of the states I've lived in, aside from New York, have not done safety inspections on vehicles. They may do a VIN inspection when you first register your car, but after that, you just have to pay the registration fee when it's time every year.
  17. I'd like for it to miss the space coast, because SpaceX is currently building their gigantic next generation rocket in a field in Cocoa FL.
  18. It was my wife's birthday yesterday so I didn't pay much attention to the news. We went out to a comedy club last night. Ironically enough one of the acts brought up mass shootings, but he didn't mention this latest one. I couldn't do the joke justice, but it was pretty topical, funny, and sad all at the same time.
  19. It's because there is no more morality in government!* *please pay no attention to the President doe. He is exempt from being moral.
  20. That guy's tweet series just confirms the meme/trope about right wingers.
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