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  1. CNN did their ridiculous draw for the debates. I suppose it's a fair way of doing it, but it was still cringe-y. First night: 10 white people Second night: 5 on 5 basketbrawl
  2. Clearly these rapes were covered under the earlier plea agreement. Clearly.
  3. I usually go for walks in the evening and it's still well above 100 degrees. But the sun is no longer on you. You definitely feel the heat at first, but as soon as your body starts sweating, you immediately start cooling down. It's dry enough here that your sweat pretty much evaporates instantly, so you stay dry for the most part. I'd rather spend the day at 100 degrees and 10% humidity than 80 degrees and 80 percent humidity.
  4. 100 degrees is quite nice as long as the humidity is below 20%. I can say this as I live Las Vegas. West coast is the best coast.
  5. Turkey is no surprise. Maybe Germany as well. But the other countries are surprising to me.
  6. You don't even need to know the context behind that picture to figure out some vile stuff took place in it.
  7. We were in SD for 4th of July week. Stayed in Mission Beach. We took the trolley from Old Town down to the Gaslamp to watch a Padres game. The trolley ride wasn't bad, but it was expensive - $18 for a round trip for 3 of us. That's outrageous. If you want to encourage public transport, you have to either make it free or extremely low cost. Also you need to expand where it goes. It would have been awesome to take the trolley from Mission Beach all the way to downtown, but there isn't a trolley station anywhere close to the beach.
  8. San Diego freeways are better than Los Angeles freeways.
  9. When we bought our last house, we found a big box of old VHS tapes in the ceiling of the basement. A peeping tom had lived in the house years back so we had suspicions that they could be "bad". We gave all the tapes to the local police to review. IDK if they ever found anything illegal on the tapes, but one of the detectives talked to my wife at some later point and sarcastically thanked us because they had to watch hours of old pornos.
  10. I hope it brings down the Dotard, Dershowitz, and Clinton. That would make me go
  11. Carbon tax and dividend for climate change. It's going to be the easiest solution to implement and is going to be least (negatively) impactful plan for the poor and middle class. Universal healthcare: Public option, followed sometime in the future by single payer. Poor and middle class receive free or subsidized tuition. Rich pay full price. I'm not sure what his idea was for student debt though.
  12. A lifetime prosecutor would get visibly shaken by Trump giving her a stupid nickname. There, I said it!
  13. She's going to get visibly shaken the first time Trump insults her. Yes, it's good that she showed some emotion when going back and forth with Biden last night, but some people will take that as weakness. Trump is going to capitalize on that apparent weakness.
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