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  1. This sucks. They were this >.< close to proving Hillary murdered Seth Rich.
  2. Give the man a break. He just got done doing 100 EIGHT COUNT BODY BUILDERS and he is HOT.
  3. Doug Jones just needs to switch parties and he'll get 80% of the vote.
  4. Is there a picture of the armed militia members on the steps of the Capitol building?
  5. Rich people go to public universities all the time. IDK what you are thinking.
  6. Compromise: College is free, but there will be a limited number of scholarships granted based on how well you do in high school. If you didn't score well enough, you can always go to trade school, or join the military.
  7. As futile as this walkout is by these Senators, I can see their point of view. This bill is very unpopular in their districts, and could lead to job losses for their constituents. Even if the state could force a recall of all of these politicians who went into hiding, I'm willing to bet that most (or all) of them would be reelected in a landslide, because they were sticking up for their voters.
  8. Citizens are practicing their civil rights in this picture. IDK what your problem is.
  9. He's young, handsome, well spoken, and has mainline Democratic positions. That's why there is hype.
  10. I knew this story sounded familiar, and then I finally remembered this sort of thing happened a few years ago in Wisconsin, when a bunch of state politicians fled that state to prevent a vote on some bills in their Senate.
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