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  1. But how will we know if there is a crisis if we can't monitor where there troops are, libcuck.
  2. I guess more to the point, we shouldn't have gotten involved in Syria to begin with. European powers? Maybe. Russia? Maybe. Other Middle Eastern powers? Definitely. But Syria never threatened us or attacked us once the civil war started, so I have a hard time believing we should be involved.
  3. Sanders is a liability. Better off having a younger nominee.
  4. We can't become Latin America if we have snakes and alligators in a moat along the border! Pedro's not going to risk swimming with a gator!
  5. The President doesn't know what constitutes treason and his advisers and lawyers are too scared to tell him what treason actually is.
  6. If you use a smaller ship with a smaller payload capability, you'll likely have to throw away at least the upper stage (as SpaceX does with their Falcon 9). By making both the booster and the upper stage huge, there is so much margin that you have enough fuel left over in the second stage to reenter and land after the mission. Throwing away stages is expensive. The largest cost for Starship launches will be the fuel - maybe a couple million dollars worth.
  7. The design as of a few years ago had a clam shell opening at the nose. It isn't clear if they are sticking with the clam shell though. The design has changed quite a bit in the last few years so who knows?
  8. I think switching from carbon fiber to stainless steel was a game changer - Stainless steel is about 2% the cost of carbon fiber (according to Musk) and can take way higher thermal stresses and loads. Plus, stainless can be repaired in the field a lot easier than carbon fiber. Do I see them launching humans next year aboard this rocket? Probably not. But I wouldn't be surprised if its launching cargo next year.
  9. You end up saving a shit ton of money moving from CA to NV because California has an income tax and Nevada doesn't. There are a lot of places in CA where the sales tax is higher than NV's 8.25% rate.
  10. I like this as a west coaster, as the early morning (for me) news and shitbird tweets are a good way to wake up.
  11. Yeah it's hard to pass off the whistle blower's report as just unverified hearsay, when the call memo matches the contents of the report. You can't walk that back now.
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