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  1. He's young, handsome, well spoken, and has mainline Democratic positions. That's why there is hype.
  2. I knew this story sounded familiar, and then I finally remembered this sort of thing happened a few years ago in Wisconsin, when a bunch of state politicians fled that state to prevent a vote on some bills in their Senate.
  3. Republicans don't mind vaccines, they just don't want to be told/forced to get them, I suppose.
  4. Liberals in Oregon are anti-vax, at least compared to conservatives I've found. They are also against fluoride in the drinking water. Portland is one of only a few large cities nationwide that doesn't put fluoride in the water, because of (reasons).
  5. The problem is Trump is irrational and he has people like Bolton whispering in one ear, and Tucker Carlson whispering in the other. Both are crazy, and giving bad advice to the President.
  6. And the thing is you don't need to sink a carrier to kill it. Immobilizing a carrier effectively makes it dead in the water, because if you can't get wind speed across the flight deck, you can't launch airplanes.
  7. I agreed with giving money to the survivors of the Japanese American internment camps - they were directly affected by the government's cruelty and unconstitutional actions. But with slavery reparations, everyone who was directly affected has been dead for decades - the last living American slave died in 1971. That isn't to say more needs to be done to work on the lasting effects of slavery and the jim crow era, but I don't believe reparations are the right answer. Ending the war on drugs, investing in inner cities and education, and other things of this nature will help out black communities than reparations.
  8. How black do you have to be to get reparations? How much does someone like Meghan Markle get?
  9. My boy Butti going all the way to the White House.
  10. Maybe we'll have two candidates in the general election sun downing?
  11. Context: Hope Hicks is testifying (behind closed doors) to Congress today.
  12. Yep. Your 8 year old retriever may be able to do some cool tricks on the stage, but he/she's only got a few years left until retirement, and maybe a few more until death. The only acts that deserve to win are the ones that can sustain themselves for years or decades.
  13. The only type of acts that should win America's got talent are solo singers, comedians, and magicians. If the acts are large singing groups, anything that requires stunts or physical skills, or some other oddity, then they should immediately get booted. Why? Solo singers, comedians, and magicians can be on stage for years or decades and make money. What happens when the axe throwing couple has to call it quits because the wife accidentally severs her husband's foot? Game over man. Game over!
  14. Your plan seems sketchy, and would be challenged in court. What would end up happening is the whole statehood would get reversed by the Supreme Court because this plan doesn't align with the spirit of the 12th or 23rd amendment.
  15. I have no problem granting statehood to Puerto Rico, but you can gtfo of here with this DC statehood nonsense. I oppose it on several grounds, but mostly because it would wreck the 23rd Amendment, and none of the proposals for DC statehood try and fix this problem.
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