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  1. If he were to win the nomination, I really doubt that African Americans would vote for Trump come November 2020.
  2. My guess is that the White House Counsel finally sat him down and convinced him this would be a super bad thing to do.
  3. My theory on the whole Sondland "no quid pro quo" text that was directed by Trump: Up until this fiasco started, Trump didn't know what a quid quo pro was. When his lawyers, or the WH counsel explained that withholding aid to Ukraine until Ukraine investigated the Bidens would be an example of quid pro quo and illegal, that phrase stuck with him. That's why he repeated it multiple times to Sondland on the phone that night.
  4. The lack of random capitalizations means he did not write this Tweet.
  5. Sad. I feel Trump will say something wholly inappropriate too.
  6. I hear she called him "sir" a lot. I heard it from this guy named John Baron.
  7. Trump's Twitter is like that one radio station that plays the same 7 songs on repeat all the time.
  8. It sounds like he tweeted this with tears streaming down his face.
  9. Hey, do you guys know when someone is a vegan? They'll tell you.
  10. Excuse me while I buy a gram of cocaine from a guy in my complex.
  11. Warren: "I know executive authority, and I will abuse it." I'm pretty sure that's what she said.
  12. Warren: Making abortion illegal won't stop people from having abortions. Everyone on the stage: Making assault weapons illegal will stop people from using assault weapons
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