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Found 6 results

  1. Yemen war: US 'to end support' for offensive operations WWW.BBC.COM The US has been backing a Saudi-led coalition against Houthi rebels in the six-year war. Now, if only it involved a complete diplomatic isolation of Saudi Arabia.
  2. BBC News - Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-49699429 For Allah's sake, attack the royal palace so the world can be rid of the House of Saud!
  3. 'Scores' killed in Yemen as UAE-backed fighters seize parts of Aden https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2019/aug/14/scores-killed-in-yemen-as-uae-backed-fighters-seize-parts-of-aden?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard Fighters supported by the UAE are now fighting those supported by Saudi Arabia while they are both supposed to be on the same side in the war against the Houthis.
  4. Let's all take the time to remember that the dearly departed John "Maverick" McCain gave his full-throated support to the Saudi coalition in this war.
  5. Civilian deaths in Yemen have surged dramatically since June after the Saudi-led coalition began an offensive to take the key port city of Hodeidah from Houthi rebels. On Wednesday, California Democrat Ro Khanna introduced a resolution invoking the 1973 War Powers Act, declaring that Congress never authorized U.S. support for the coalition in Yemen and directing President Donald Trump to withdraw U.S. troops from “hostilities” against the Houthis, the Iranian-backed rebel group at war with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
  6. https://fair.org/home/action-alert-its-been-over-a-year-since-msnbc-has-mentioned-us-war-in-yemen/ I guess they got tired of covering the Middle East
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