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  1. Just Google invincible online free and there are like 10 sure that let you read it without having to download
  2. Mars part was great, interesting that they sped it up but not a big change. EDIT - spoilery comics comparison
  3. Let's assume ratio of dems to gqp Since gaetz is a Qultist I would assume he only would socialize with the Q party.. so I'm guessing they're all GQP
  4. Loved the first 3 eps but don't understand why for the epilogue of episode 1 they made it a more even fight vs the one sidedness that it is in the comics
  5. really dont understand how they calculated them me and my wife got 2100 in the first round, 900 second round, and 1100 this round really doesn't make sense to me since they all used 2019 tax returns
  6. I don't understand the logic of releasing it in 4:3, He says it is better for imax viewings... But everyone will. Be streaming it at home on their 16:9. tvs makes no sense
  7. so I have a question, and I haven't been able to find an answer. Let's say that that DC and/or Puerto Rico become states. How do they determine the term for the first round of senators? i dont think any state has 2 senators that have the same start time of their 6 year term. so 1) do they only get 1 senator for the first 2 years, then they get their second senator? 2) do they get 2 senators at once, but the one senator is there for 2 years less than the other? 3) do they have 2 senators start at the same time and both get 6 year terms and that state always has both senat
  8. Should have been done wed night Thursday morning when they were all there
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