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  1. Imo if you are starting the series now the only real bad book is Crossroads Of Twilight. It has no plot and is a book mean to catch everyone up. Path of daggers is actually not that bad of a book. It has the really well done seanchan battle and completea the bowl of winds. There's no mat in the book, but if you dont have to wait 2 years for his next appearance it isn't that bad of a thing. Winters heart first half is pretty dull, but has game changing consequences at the end. If they could re edit the books, I would have the seanchan portion of book
  2. One of my best friends who was fully vaccinated just got diagnosed with covid 2 days ago after going on a trip with us. luckily his symptoms aren't too bad (tired, congestion and loss of smell/taste) but just be careful out there I just went and got myself tested today to make sure im ok
  3. Just Google invincible online free and there are like 10 sure that let you read it without having to download
  4. Mars part was great, interesting that they sped it up but not a big change. EDIT - spoilery comics comparison
  5. Let's assume ratio of dems to gqp Since gaetz is a Qultist I would assume he only would socialize with the Q party.. so I'm guessing they're all GQP
  6. Loved the first 3 eps but don't understand why for the epilogue of episode 1 they made it a more even fight vs the one sidedness that it is in the comics
  7. really dont understand how they calculated them me and my wife got 2100 in the first round, 900 second round, and 1100 this round really doesn't make sense to me since they all used 2019 tax returns
  8. I don't understand the logic of releasing it in 4:3, He says it is better for imax viewings... But everyone will. Be streaming it at home on their 16:9. tvs makes no sense
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