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  1. These ISPs have definitely shown they are pro-consumer and not pro-stockholder.
  2. The only console that let's you feel balls in the palm of your hand.
  3. Been two weeks since I hurt myself. I want to get back in the gym because I just feel like shit for missing so much time; I can't look at myself without seeing how far I've regressed and thinking I look like an ugly monster now. But my spine isn't ready yet; not even close I think. It feels better, but I'm still getting some tingling sensations down my leg, random sharp pains around the spine if I twist too much, a general feeling of pressure in the lower back, and I definitely can't bend over forwards without increasing all of these symptoms. Doctor wants to take all of this nice and slow but I don't have the patience for it. I asked him if a cortisone steroid injection is possible, since that accelerated my recovery time when I had this same type of injury 14 years ago, but he told me no. He wanted me to try medication and physical therapy before that. Which is not what I did 14 years ago. They gave me a cortison inection and then I went off and did therapy.
  4. Waggle wasn't the issue. Using the gyro to steer the bird and beetle were the biggest issues because, as the controller was supposed to mimic the orientation 1:1, it forced your wrists into hurtful positions. Gyro aiming (for the bow) was more tolerable, but even that wasn't perfect. The only motion that did feel right was the sword combat. I loved that. But yeah, the main reason i actually don't want to replay it is because Nintendo royally fucked up dialog boxes. As in, you couldn't fucking skip them or even fast forward. And also as in, they popped up every time you found a fucking crafting ingredient. And if you quit your gaming session and come back, the stupid fucking game didn't remember that it already popped up a dialog box for the crafting ingredient you previously found. Goddammit I'm getting angry just thinking about it. I wonder if they ever fixed that issue in the WiiU VC build or in later revisions of the physical copies.
  5. Excuse me while I borrow said napkin to clean up the jizz from this wet dream of ours. Keyword being dream
  6. If GW is that poorly coded it's just waste of money for you to upgrade for that one application. Any upgrade will not be worth the money. You'll most likely be looking at a 15% performance boost tops for that one game. So, for example, if you're getting 40 fps you may be able to get 46 fps, which isn't worth $500 IMO. But for future applications and games, despite the 7700k being a quad core the same as your 4670k, you will have a boost. You gain hyperthreading, and HT does provide a meaningful impact on the performance of quite a few games already, and certainly more in the future will receive that benefit as well. But since we're talking about the future impact, which you don't need right now, and you are most concerned with the current impact of an upgrade, the best advice is simply to wait it out until a more value-minded option comes your way. Perhaps AMD will force a price war in your favor. Perhaps you can hold out long enough for Intel to release their next lineup. In the meantime, you can squeeze more overclock out of your current 4670k especially with the cooler you have.
  7. The video gets funnier each time I watch it. What. The. Hell.
  8. Oh oh I really like Snipperclips. That looks pretty ingenious; I'll have to see if they pack in a ton of varied levels.
  9. Dang it, I'm probably gonna have to buy a Switch for Mario Kart battle mode. Arms looks like a solid use of motion controls. I still really do love Wii Sports and Resort, and what's great about those games is anyone can play them! But 1-2 Switch should be a pack in title. Also their description of some of the games is hilarious. There's a game where you have a jerk off and then a game where you open your mouth. Really now.
  10. They used to do a Camp Hyrule event in the summer back in the good 'ol days of the Internet.
  11. That video seemed to show actual battle maps.
  12. What are the list of changes/additions/enhancements for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?