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  1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - D1P Exclusive Worldwide First Review

    Which resulted in disappointing those same fans expecting a new story. 
  2. Really That Good: Titanic

    I'm more exicted about the Matrix tease at the end.
  3. Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 OT #WEALLUSEDTOBEBARISTAS

      Fucking amazing crossover.      Don't forget the X-Men/Quicksilver homage with Barry slow-mo messing with the goons.   And, "Hey Skirt; call me." 
  4. Why has 60fps become a "Thing" for consoles

    Consoles and TVs really need to support Freesync (adaptive V-sync).  You can get the best of both worlds!
  5. DirecTV Now

      I read some reviews.   Basically, Apple TV's interface is sleeker.  I'm assuming it has more powerful hardware being 3-4 times more expensive (didn't find any specs though).  But the real selling point is if you are invested in the Apple Ecosystem and have bought a bunch of music and movies from iTunes then the Apple TV is the best (only) way to play that stuff on your TV.   I went with the Firestick because I'll be able to install Kodi onto it, and I have never bought anything from iTunes.  The version of the Apple TV you get hasn't been jailbroken yet AFAIK, otherwise I would have leaned towards it.
  6. DirecTV Now

    I signed up to essentially get a free Firestick.  I'm going to try to stick to it because $35 is a good deal to get all the "learning" channels like Science, History, National Geographic, etc.  Anything that I can't watch I'll just download or use Exodus on Kodi.   FYI, the HBO package only includes three (really, two) of the HBO channels:  HBO East, HBO Family, and HBO Latino (LOL).  So that's why it's only an extra $5.
  7. DirecTV Now

    How does it handle live TV of network stations like CBS, CW, ABC, Fox, and NBC?  Locally I cannot get CW over the air so I would like to have that option to watch live.   @misfit410
  8. Supergirl Season 2 OT #FromCbsToTheCW

    ^Yeah, this episode was not a fucking crossover!   And FYI Supergirl takes place a different Earth than Flash, Arrow, and Legends. 
  9. Not sure what to do (CPU short?) UPDATE

    Like reputator suggested try a digferemt power supply. 
  10. First pic of Bail Organa in Star Wars: Rogue One

      " if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."
  11. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - final trailer "Trust"

    I really didn't need to see any more than the second or first teaser trailers they put out to know I'm going to see this movie undoubtedly.   I'm a little upset they showed a preview before Dr. Strange, with footage I had not seen before!  I enjoy experiencing those scenes for the first time in the context of the movie because it has a bigger impact (typically).   If I've already seen that shot, then it loses its chance to make a more powerful first impression.
  12. Doctor Strange Tomatometer Watch

    I'm now imagining Hugh Laurie's version of Strange. 
  13. Doctor Strange Tomatometer Watch

    I'm glad my worry expressed earlier was baseless. Cumberbatch did a fine job making Strange his own and didn't feel like a rip off of Tony Stark. 
  14. Not sure what to do (CPU short?) UPDATE

    Did you try the iGPU?
  15. Steam's autumn/Thanksgiving sale is live!

    The deals look to be the same as the summer and winter mega sales.     I think the problem is we already own the games we really want.