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  1. Wow it's only 40 bucks?  People like cheap Wang. 
  2. so what's everyone thinking Nintendo Switch is going to cost?

    I have a feeling they might charge $350.  $400 is a death sentence.   The most I would pay is $300, and I'd have to think about it a lot before making that decision.   To be a huge hit it needs to be priced at $250 or less.
  3. Return to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are out?

      Did you ever play AA on PC with Nvidia PhsyX?  I want to know how the remaster compares to that.
  4. The video quality is pretty shit, so good chance it's just the compression or capture quality.  I can make out a lot of artifacting in the video even at 1080p60.
  5. 3DS's successor will be two Switches taped together.  TWO SCREENS!
  6. Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 OT #WEALLUSEDTOBEBARISTAS

    In Flash S2 they explained that Reverse Flash as being a time remnant, who wasn't affected when Eddie offed himself.    I mean we did go a whole season where Barry's mom was still dead from the Reverse Flash.   Isn't the current Reverse Flash the one Barry captured right before his mom died?  Which I'm assuming is a time remnant?  Hence why he still exists even though Eddie is still dead.   Actually this shit doesn't really add up, but fuck it.  Show is still good.
  7.   Wii U games.   Desktop is like 10x as powerful too.
  8.   For physical media, yeah.  But for VC they make you pay to get your Wii downloadable titles onto your WiiU.     It really is bollocks, and I hope this changes with a unified Nintendo account, that we can't pay one time for a downloadable game and be able to play it on any Nintendo platform.
  9. Going from PowerPC CPU to ARM CPU.  Going from custom AMD GPU to custom Nvidia GPU.  And it's not going to be powerful enough to emulate WiiU games.  It should have the horsepower to emulate Wii and GCN games, but I doubt that will happen via discs.   Any previous Nintendo games will be made available via the Virtual Console, or Nintendo is going to remaster a bunch of stuff.    Gotta remember Nintendo is pretty greedy.  They want you to re-buy games you already own.
  10. I went from a 2500k to a 3770k and saw pretty big gains in Overwatch, Battlefield 4, and Wolfenstein.  Also my Windows experience feels smoother.
  11. The D1P gym for guys with non-shit body goals.

    Got around to taking some more pictures and comparing them ones I took 5-7 months ago.  I can see my changes in some areas, so I have made some progress.  It's not drastic, but the fact I can make out a difference is just the push I need to keep going.   So before I don't think I mentioned that I am 32.  I was talking to someone  at work and he made the suggestion that men's testosterone levels start going down after 32.  Is that something I should look into? 
  12. 12 years ago tonight...

    It sucks, dude, to lose someone with which you have such a strong and easy connection to in some fashion.  Your loss is probably the worst kind, because there was endless potential there.  Very sorry man.   I thought there was a pic of her?  Eh, whatever.  I can definitely tell from the former pic she was a kind soul.  She probably made everyone around her better.
  13. New Willy Wonka movie

    Willy Wonka: Fantastic Tastes and Where to Find them?
  14. Like when Ghost Rider grabbed that chain
  15. Good writeup   I guess there is a vent on the tablet itself, so perhaps there is a tiny fan inside.  I suppose it is possible for the fan to be turned off while the clockspeed is reduced in mobile mode, while in docked mode the system gets superclocked to provide the 1080p performance.