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  1. How It Should Have Ended: Batman v Superman (spoilers)

    They aren't as funny when the movie they're pucking apart is actually good. This one was great though. 
  2. MCU Phase One and Two only get better with time

    That's aweful someone woyld make that statement without seeing the movie. Form your own opinion please even if it is biased or influenced. 
  3. MCU Phase One and Two only get better with time

    The First Avenger is worth a rewatch just for Tommy Lee Jones alone.
  4. MCU Phase One and Two only get better with time

    I agree the subsequent movies make the previous ones better.  I really think Age of Ultron will also be held in higher regard as the movies it set up come out.
  5. Did anyone download one of the Zelda Unreal Engine demos?

    Nice. I read there's a Majora's Mask demo as well as a OoT Gerudo Valley demo.
  6. Emily Rogers Says Multiple Unannounced Wii U Titles Moved Over To NX

    Fucking WiiU will be the first console without it's own Zelda game.
  7. SYFY Krypton pilot news

    Would you rather a few decades after the end of Krypton? lol
  8. The Flash Season 2. OT

    ^Typical network TV whitewashing.
  9. It seems the original download links have been removed.  Anyone download them before that happened?  I'd love to try these out besides gawking at youtube's video compression.
  10.   Native 4k games are definitely a generation or two away, especially if developers want to throw in advanced special effects and lighting.  1080p with some anti-aliasing is the better trade-off, especially since the viewing distance of most people's TVs makes up for the lack of clarity.  For the PS4k on 1080p TVs I think it would also be great if devs gave gamers the option to either run the game at first gen PS4 settings with a higher framerate or offer 4k/1440p downsampling to the 1080p sets. 
  11. Chyna found dead

    Man, the toll these guys put on their bodies is insane, and couple that with the "extracurricular" tolls they put on top of it.  So many of my childhood, and hell, young adulthood favorites are gone.  I was really let down when The Rock left the business, but holy shit he made the right decision just from a health standpoint.
  12. Overwatch Beta Stress Test Weekend 4/15 - 4/16

    I signed up but was never invited.  FU Blizzard.
  13. Overwatch Beta Stress Test Weekend 4/15 - 4/16

    Do you have to preorder to play the beta this weekend?
  14. AMC considers allowing texting in theater

    They were even kind enough to send me an email saying there are not considering it anymore.
  15. Star Wars: Battlefront - The Reviews Awaken

    I was really thinking about getting this game for PC but there's no way I'm going to now.  What a fucking shame because I had a lot of fun with the beta.