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  1. What are the impressions of the WiiU version? IS THE FRAMERATE SO BAD IT PLAYS WORSE? I can't pony up for the Switch right now with so many expenses, but I can get the WiiU version.
  2. Well I got my MRI results back. I just had one fucked up disc prior to this injury, which has been pretty much healed for the last 5+ years. Now I have two, L4-L5 and L5-S1 discs, that are protruding. There's also moderate hypertrophic changes to the articular facets of L4 and L5. The good news is nothing is pressing on the nerve.
  3. Man, just caught up and watched the last 3 episodes. The latest one was indeed amazing, and the Daisy/Director fight was so good.
  4. It will clock the chip past turbo if the cooling is good.
  5. Ryzen is only dual channel so there's no performance benefit from 4 sticks.
  6. Synthetics always leak first, because those numbers are less prone to context (what the rest of the system is comprised of). For games... just testing a different part of the game makes your benchmark non-comparable to everyone else's results.
  7. The NAND is just blocks of data, and those blocks are grouped together to additively give you the final size. I guess they figured out how to group the NAND in a way to make 200GB more reasonably priced, because 256GB is absurdly expensive. I'm sure the physical size of the micro card and the manufacturing size of the NAND itself is the factor in play here.
  8. The XFR clock is pretty much an overclock out of the box. I will bet The $200 1400x will beat whatever $200 Core i5 in the majority gaming benchmarks at stock. The overclock is icing on the cake. It's up in the air if any of the higher priced chips will beat Intel in gaming, simply because 6 cores/12 threads has no benefit in most games over 4c/8t.
  9. Actually it locked because it was a successful attempt... at an IP across the country that belonged to a VPN provider. I do use a VPN sometimes on my PC, but I don't connect to the West Coast and the only time I've manually entered my password was two weeks ago on my phone. So yeah, it is odd, but even more odd that it's happened twice within 8 months. This account has also had a unique password for years now.
  10. Surely they have upgraded security, but my email is a Hotmail account (not Outlook or Live), and I have had it for over 15 years now. Perhaps a flaw still exists?
  11. I thought it might have been, but after recovering my account I checked the IP of the suspicious login and it came from Oakland, CA and was registered to a VPN. So I shouldn't have been me.
  12. You know a woman is naturally beautiful when she looks amazing in a fucking hair net.
  13. She has gotten hotter
  14. I'll fight you on the last one but I forgot why. All I know is strawberries are so good.