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  1. You can survive space for a couple of minutes. It isn't instant death. Also Lucas did a similar thing in Episode III - Grievous crawled around space for an extended period of time when it turns out he has organic guts.
  2. Time to play: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

    I think I beat it 3 times. I wanted to see the different endings - not that I remember what they actually were now. There's only one part that scared the shit out of me every single time I played it. And while the game's most unique feature, the Insanity meter, offered some unexpected twists, I always kept my meter at 0 because I just felt like the twists were a waste of time. The game is also very easy when the meter is at 0, but it does also make it less interesting. So if you don't want to get too scared, and just play a game with some atmosphere to it, then do everything you can to keep the Insanity at 0.
  3. I think I enjoy framerate and not tinkering with settings so much that I could not imagine downgrading for an unknown period of time. Who knows when this mining boom will end. My guess is these miners are going to snatch up and pre-order the next generation of cards, so we gamers are going to be stuck with with their used leftovers.
  4. I'd really like to see multitasking benchmarks. I don't game on a fresh install of Windows. Chrome is open. Sometimes I'm streaming with OBS. Sometimes Spotify is going. Theoretically I/O operations (reading/writing to a disk) will have the biggest impact. I would expect open world games that stream a lot of data to take a hit. What if you're recording your gameplay to the hard drive? What impact does Shadowplay, or other game-DVR services, have? What about gaming PCs that are also media servers?
  5. The GTX 1060 6GB version will do just fine. It's a bit overpriced, but holy fuck it's not as bad as the 1070. Like holy crap, I just checked what they're going for and that is insane. Over twice the MSRP.
  6. AMD Presses their new advantage with Ryzen Price drops!

    I would love to jump on 6 or 8 cores, but I do not want to sacrifice single threaded performance. Eagerly awaiting the next batch of processors from both camps.
  7. I have noticed it takes longer for programs to open, but I can't entirely blame it on this patch. Apparently I needed to install the Fall Creator's patch for Windows 10 - why it never asked me to do that before I have no idea because I have automatic updates turned on. I just might upgrade this year. I'm really itching for a six or eight core processor.
  8. There was no argument in the post I quoted. You gave zero explanation for the two sentences you had about your opinion. As one example: So you thought the characters were bland; I didn't. I guess my work is done! You know why and how I feel that way because I gave you so much what! You dragged this thread down with superficial questioning about how the bombs wouldn't work. So really, who's the dipshit?
  9. But the only criticisms you've brought forth about the movie deal with superficial logistics (the kind CinemaSins parodies) about the the technology of a fictional universe, and you've only supported your arguments by saying you just don't like it. So no, thus far you have not demonstrated you understand it at all.
  10. It does, but to us the viewer it means nothing emotionally because we've never seen them interact while we have seen jar jar and Padme together.
  11. I hope so. It's made pretty clear several times. Luke even outright says it: The Force doesn't belong to the Jedi; to say that if the Jedi die then the light [side] dies is vanity. I.e. there's nothing special about the Jedi.
  12. The theory about Jar Jar actually being the Sith Lord is kind of fun. But I watched Attack of the Clones last night, and Jar Jar, while not having much screen time, really fucks up. We all know he's kind of stupid, but in AotC he turns out to be stupid and DISLOYAL! Disloyal doesn't make any sense for his character, because in Episode I his only redeeming quality is that he IS LOYAL (honoring his life debt to Qui-gon)! He is the one who gives the Chancellor the power to create/use the clone army, which starts the war. And he's tricked through... PEER FUCKING PRESSURE. But what's worse is that he's tricked by people who we have NEVER been shown to be HIS PEERS (Palpatine and his Senate buddies)! And even worse is that is a direct betrayal of his CLOSE FRIEND Padme, who before leaving Coruscant, basically tells Jar Jar to not fuck up her OPPOSITION TO THE CREATION OF AN ARMY.
  13. The Last Jedi really does get better the second time around. The script is so tightly written. Every scene and dialog has multiple layers and connects in a web-like fashion to other scenes in the movie. The second time around I noticed more connective tissue to one of the movie's themes about how "no one is special" is expanded beyond just Rey and her lineage, as Johnson provides a commentary on just how silly it is for the fate of an entire galaxy to boil down to a battle among a handful of ships. Why are these handful of ships, why is this battle, so special? Well, to win the battle isn't special at all. There is no victory in a singular blow - not for an entire galaxy. It is just too big. A galaxy-wide revolution is what is really needed to bring balance to the Force - a spark that will light the fire that will burn throughout the entire galaxy. It didn't matter that the Resistance blew up the big base, and then blew up the big ship. The enemy is larger than that. The enemy is oppression and greed. To defeat that enemy requires the rise of all the good people in the galaxy to say, "We have had enough!" And that begins with Hope! Hope is the purpose of the Resistance. Hope is the ideology that needs to be spread. If you just fight what you hate, you're never going to win. You have to save what you love, so that those things are allowed to spread.
  14. I'm going to guess the micro-organisms were going to be the explanation for why Anakin is not quite Jesus. Instead of a singular God creating life in a woman's belly, Darth Plagueis commanded these tiny organisms to create another tiny organism - a biological explanation to Star Wars' fantastical science. Or perhaps it was just as it is: A lazy way to tell us how powerful Anakin is without ever showing us, e.g. "Even Master Yoda doesn't have a midi-chlorian count that high!"