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  1. Games with amazing art style will be beautiful in 4k too, and could run at 60 fps. Hell trine 2 downsampled to 1080p looks gorgeous and isn't terribly taxing on the PC. 
  2. Prey 2 - IT LIVES!!

    I bought the game as a physical copy a long tine ago and I think it's still in the packaging lol. One of the first games in my backlog. 
  3. Mobo won't boot with ram in slots 3 or 4...help?

    Sounds like it needs to be replaced. Ask for an rma maybe they'll work with you if it's past warranty.    Otherwise I would take your mobo out and inspect it. Inspect everything to see why the ram would crack. 
  4. I bet you accidentally downloaded a bad stick of RAM instead of the movie.
  5. They are the only games that make me want an Nvidia card. 
  6. The Flash Season 2. OT

    Dammit, this show is super fucking cool and it makes me cry.  It's too much, man, too much.
  7. I don't think they can sustain a hardware revamp every year.  But every 3 or 4 years?  Sure.  Or rather, whenever a new manufacturing node comes out that allows these console makers to deliver a sizeable jump in performance without selling the customer a toaster oven.
  8. Nvidia relegates the 7xx series to a 'legacy' product

    Wonder what's up with Nvidia because they supported their DX10 GPUs (8000 series) for a hell of a long time.
  9. Official Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread (ver 2.0)

    Weiner is... coming.      I'm so sorry.
  10. Official Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread (ver 2.0)

    Hold... door...?
  11. Official Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread (ver 2.0)

    I can't stop repeating the phrase hold the door over and over again in my head. 
  12. SFLUFAN should bestow upon you the title of "Special Edition"  
  13. I like junkrat. He's decent flanking but he's most effective if you play a hybrid style. He can deal a lot of damage especially to groups and he's good at area denial. Pharah is kind if the same way too but shes more mobile and better at surprising. Genji is good at causing havoc. Tracer is the best at getting behind but requires a lot of skill and aim. Mcgree is powerful overall too and can be played many ways so long as you can hit your shots. Mei can be surprising on the flank if you can catch someone off guard in close quarters. 
  14. I woyld probably stream overwatch but I don't have a set schedule. 
  15. I wonder if they're going to redo the PhysX effects or just leave them out altogether. Some added a lot if atmosphere, like the cold fog in the mr freeze fight.