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  1. Sure as hell isn't right for them to sell an open box item as if it was brand new.
  2. It's amazing for Tie Fighter. I loved using it in third person shooters. Splinter Cell felt pretty good. However, I am really picky so I probably spent more hours customizing the button mapping than actually playing games with it, lol. The amount of options you have is just insane. The touchpads have so many different functions. Really perfect for RTS type games, or games where you can take advantage of macros.
  3. When they released the Justice League animated show in "HD" on Netflix (IIRC), they cropped off the top and bottom to make it 16:9. The enhanced colors and image quality were nice, but you could definitely tell it felt zoomed-in and claustrophobic especially if you watched the original in 4:3.
  4. Performance wise, hardly any improvement, which was mostly expected. The reason to wait was because they are cheaper than the chips they are replacing, plus the motherboards are updated. Sorry if we didn't specifically say that. That was definitely an oversight on my part. These chips were never going to be a huge leap in performance.
  5. Do this then whenever you download a game for the first time you'll get an option to choose which drive it goes on.
  6. But these aren't trailers.
  7. I forgot to do this before watching Wonder Woman. Holy shit. Why do we even have to pay to see this movie now? They have shown the entire thing in these fucking trailers. Beyond ridiculous. I'm not even excited to watch it anymore, which pisses me off because Spider-Man is my favorite character.
  8. Beyond the beautiful use of lighting and color, the trailers haven't done anything to get me excited about it.
  9. I could watch Gadot move around on screen as Wonder Woman all fucking day. Fuck she was magnetic. And at the gym yesterday there was this chick who had the same body as Gal. Tall, long, athletic with a figure, and beautiful.
  10. Per core Intel is still faster than Ryzen, and they can clock higher. So 6+ core chips are going to be some of the best for gaming. He is right that the 4 core Skylake-X chips are really stupid. They make no sense at all.
  11. My 6-year-old niece loves Supergirl so the show is doing what it can to build some legs.
  12. And their adding online play to the classic games? Very sweet. I'd love to play some classic Super Mario Kart online.
  13. Yeah I agree. The AMD R5 1600x is an incredible value. It's a good option if he needs to cut costs. He won't be sacrificing much present-day performance, it gives him a good upgrade path when AMD releases new processors for the AM4 platform. And who knows, as AMD works with game developers and as games continue to balance their load across multiple CPU threads, the 1600X could hold its value for a while. Plus as he wants to game at 4k (eventually), the GPU will become the more important factor anyway.
  14. I don't know of any monitors that do both Gsync and Freesync. You are pretty much stuck with one or the other because of the way Nvidia handles their Gsync tech. They work with monitor manufacturers to implement the tech because it's proprietary, thus I believe they don't allow the competing Freesync tech to be implemented along with it. The new Intel processors will at least be a marginal improvement. But it's hard to say for sure just how much of an improvement it will be. The new processors are a more radical change compared to what they've released the last few years, as they are changing the cache structure. Games are sensitive to cache and memory performance, so it might provide a nice bump along with the other improvements they make to the core. Unfortunately they have not announced a hard release date, just that it will be coming out in a few weeks. Yep, you should determine which video card to go with before deciding on a monitor. Freesync monitors are cheaper. However, Nvidia is really the only way to go right now. AMD has no video card that competes with the 1070, 1080, or 1080 Ti at the moment. AMD's new card won't be out until July.
  15. Intel's new processors are rumored to release late this month. This is why we're saying you should wait. You are really getting more performance for your money. There are no 4k and 120 Hz monitors unfortunately. We're not quite there yet. Freesync is effectively the same technology as Gsync. Nvidia developed the Gsync technology and thus only their Geforce cards use it; if anyone else wants to use Gsync tech then they have to pay Nvidia for the license. AMD found another way to do it and called it Freesync, so their Radeon cards can take advantage of it. The Freesync tech is, well, free for anyone to use, but Nvidia refuses to adopt it. Thus we have two ecosystems: Gsync = Geforce; Freesync = Radeon. AM4 is AMD's new motherboard socket. Ryzen is AMD's new processor family. They aren't a separate option from a custom build. As far as your motherboard/CPU options go, they are just another option. There are four legitimate options for you in terms of choosing a motherboard/CPU combo. 1. AMD's socket AM4 motherboard with an R7 1800x processor (eight cores) 2. Intel's socket 1151 motherboard with a Core i7 7700k processor (four cores) 3. Intel's socket 2011 motherboard with a Core i7 6800k (six cores), i7 6850k (six cores), or i7 6900k (eight cores) 4. Wait for Intel's new socket X299 motherboard with a Core i7 7800x (six cores) or i7 7820x (eight cores)