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Drew Magary: Why Your Team Sucks 2020


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As a Lions fan I have resigned to hoping only for the NFL to cease being an entity. I know that will happen before the Lions ever win a Super Bowl and I am okay with that fact


I kind of agree. I wouldn't mind seeing the Lions relocate so I can follow the next closest team: The Cleveland Browns


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The Giants:

:I suppose hiring the guy who feeds Bill Belichick’s cats when Belichick is summering on Nantucket is new. It doesn’t FEEL that new. Nothing about the Giants feels new and never can. They’re a franchise designed for eternal mustiness. Its fanbase has the NFL’s highest cop ratio, both literally and figuratively. If anything, hiring a Belichick lackey only adds to that non-mystique. It’s a shitty, judgmental organization that caters to shitty, judgmental people. 



Oh that's the good stuff.

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I didn't realize the Patriots had already had their turn.



Some people are fans of the New England Patriots. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the New England Patriots. This 2020 Defector NFL team preview is for those in the...


Yeah, that all checks out. All the racist garble about how Jarrett Stidham was obviously the better starter coming into the same than Cam Newton. It was awesome. I'd love to see a genuine likable QB succeed in New England, but that's probably hoping for too much and also very worthy of scorn from everyone that isn't a Patriots fan.


Also, hey Defector has an RSS feed available on Feedly. Awesome. Guess I won't miss their articles anymore.

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