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Need help picking appliances and kitchen items


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I've literally never owned anything specifically dedicated to cooking pizza.


1 hour ago, Joe said:

Get cast iron pans. Cheap and they will last you forever.





Yes, from a quick Google image search a cast iron seems like a way more versatile substitute for a pizza pan. Way better than teflon too, in my experience it's a no-brainer to trade a little bit of stick because of the pan not being quite properly seasoned over getting cancer from a teflon pan that inevitably starts getting dinged up no matter how much you baby it.

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3 minutes ago, heyf00L said:

I was literally looking at buying this pan today. All my pans suck. I think I want a lid too, tho.


Really? My parents bought me this huge cast iron pan a year ago and it has this massive lid that I never use. Just throw on a lid you have from another pan. What would you be using the lid for?

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