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Netflix and Ubisoft announce "Splinter Cell" animated series from the writer of John Wick

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I mean, Derek Kolstad wrote three great John Wick movies (and the mediocre movie The Package), but he's also writing on the pretty mediocre Quibi series Die Hart. He's also a staff writer on the upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series.


I'm certainly interested in a Splinter Cell series, and it could work better in animation, but it'll all depend on the animation studio and directors. 

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18 hours ago, SoberChef said:

I just wanted a sequel to Blacklist, Ironside returning to voice Sam, and there we go. This, nobody was asking for whatsoever.


As much as I would love to see Ironside return, I have to wonder if he'd be able to. He didn't do Blacklist because of his cancer diagnosis, and with so many games now doing performance capture, I wonder if he'd be able to actually meet the physical requirements of doing so. 


Unless they do a mixed approach of some kind. Have an athletic performer doing the action scenes where Sam's face isn't the highlight, while still having Ironside voice, and do the facial capture for the slower, talking scenes. 

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