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A vote for Jo is a vote for Joe. Or maybe a vote for Jo is a vote for Trump? Libertarian Party picks it's Presidential nominee for 2020.

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The Libertarian Party has chosen it's nominee for the 2020 election.  Jo Jorgensen was selected via the party's convention yesterday.  She is a professor at Clemson, and was previously the party's vice presidential nominee in 1996. I honestly don't know much about her beyond what I've read this morning, but it will be interesting to see which party blames her for losing the election come November. 



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She says the government's response to COVID-19 is "the biggest assault on our liberties in our lifetime", due to both restrictions on individual behavior, such as stay-at-home orders, and corporate bailouts, which she sees as antithetical to free-market principles and biased towards the well-connected.[23][24]

Derp. If she opposes the lockdowns and other measures against the virus, she’s an idiot. This is where rigid ideologies like libertarianism completely break apart. 

Biden is the only rational choice this time. 


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