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Serious Sam 4 (24 September 2020) - Information Thread, update: Launch Trailer and reviews from OpenCritic posted

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Serious Sam 4 Launches August 2020 on Steam and Google Stadia

Visit http://www.serioussam.com for a look at gameplay and development updates!


Serious Sam 4 reignites the classic FPS series in a high-powered prequel loaded with an explosive arsenal, intergalactic carnage, and perfectly timed one-liners.


"Humanity is under siege as the full force of Mental’s hordes spread across the world, ravaging what remains of a broken and beaten civilization. The last remaining resistance to the invasion is the Earth Defence Force led by Sam “Serious” Stone and his heavily-armed squad of misfit commandos.


Croteam returns with a high-powered prequel to the Serious Sam series that scales up chaos to unprecedented levels. The classic Serious Sam formula is revamped by putting an unstoppable arsenal up against an unimaginable number of enemies that requires players to circle-strafe and backpedal-blast their way out of impossible situations.


The iconic cast of alien invaders returns with some new reinforcements! Fight your way through unbelievable numbers of Mental's minions including the iconic Headless Kamikaze, Beheaded Rocketeer, Kleer, Scrapjack, Werebull, and Khnum! Square off against brand new enemies and towering monsters like the frantic Processed, repulsive Belcher, the hard-hitting Zealot, and more.


Armed with a slew of devastating weapons, pick your tool for any situation. Lay waste to Mental's Horde using the powerful double-barreled shotgun, the punishing minigun, the powerful chainsaw launcher, a brand new auto shotgun, and the iconic cannon. Upgrade your toys, and enjoy the violent beauty of the lock-on rocket launcher, and the mighty laser beam of death.


Smash through the action-packed campaign with friends in 4-player online co-op mode! Tackle exciting primary missions and thrilling side quests in modified difficulties for an extra challenge.


Serious Sam 4 unleashes some of the biggest moments in the series’ history with the new Legion System and battlefields teeming with thousands of enemies!




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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Serious Sam 4 (24 September 2020) - Information Thread, update: Launch trailer and reviews from OpenCritic posted

Game Information

Game Title: Serious Sam 4



[*]PC (Sep 25, 2020)
[*]Google Stadia (Sep 25, 2020)

Developer: Croteam

Publisher: Devolver Digital
Review Aggregator

OpenCritic - 72 average - 52% recommended

Critic Reviews

GameSpace - 9 / 10


Sam Stone is back, and the folks at Croteam have made one hell of a fun FPS. Published by Devolver Digital, the Serious Sam games at their core are a string of firefights to kill the invading aliens. Sam and co. accomplish this in style while spout off one-liners, causing massive amounts of alien gore, and facing enemies around every corner. Serious Sam 4 is no different, if you've enjoyed the previous games, you are in for a fun ride with this one, literally in some levels.


GameSpew - 9 / 10


Is Serious Sam 4 the best game in the series yet? Quite possibly. I still prefer the Egyptian setting of Serious Sam: The First Encounter, but the action found in Serious Sam 4 is unrivalled. Trudging through city streets in the early hours of the game can be uninspiring at times, but it’s never dull.


PowerUp! - 8.8 / 10


It may be a throwback to another era of gameplay and mechanics. It may not have the bells and whistles and feature creep of other modern shooters and it may be simple but it’s damned good.


COGconnected - 82 / 100


Serious Sam 4 is seriously an outstanding first-person shooter. The gameplay is a ton of fun, and while it mostly involves shooting – there is a level of strategy required in using the right weapons at the right time. The visuals are a bit of a mixed bag. While I was impressed with how big the environments were and the enemy character models, I found some of the human character models were a bit, off – especially their vacant stares.


GameSkinny - 8 / 10 stars


Serious Sam 4 is a delightfully old-school first-person shooter that doesn't bring a ton of new stuff to the table but still hits all the right notes.


Hardcore Gamer - 4 / 5


Serious Sam 4 is easily the richest game in the series, expanding on the character and his world while not holding back on the action that's been the major draw from the earliest days.


PCGamesN - 8 / 10


Delightfully chaotic and ruggedly lovable, this is a decidedly old-fashioned shooter that succeeds on the principle of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.'


Player.One - 8 / 10


Serious Sam 4 get's lots of things right, but it also gets some things wrong. Overall the game is an improvement over its predecessor. The open-world design emphasizes exploration, the massive arsenal makes killing aliens more fun than ever.


Saving Content - 4 / 5 stars


If you haven’t tried the Serious Sam games, now’s the time. This entry truly starts at the beginning, serving as a great jumping off point for anyone to get acquainted. It’s a return of the classic run’n’gun first-person shooter with some damn funny punchlines, and Croteam gives it new life with a story and improvements all around. Serious Sam 4 is resplendent, with astronomical hordes of enemies to dispatch by devastating and varied weaponry – this is Croteam’s best shooter yet.


We Got This Covered - 4 / 5 stars


Serious Sam 4 doesn't deviate from the other entries in the mainline series, and that's perfectly okay. The fourth installment looks and handles perfectly, though some players may succumb to the repetition before the campaign concludes. That said, it's still an absolute blast to play, and it should keep  fans busy for quite some time.


Destructoid - 7.5 / 10


It's a simple review for a simple game, folks. Serious Sam 4 doesn't wildly reinvent the formula; and really, it doesn't need to. There's plenty of room for old school style FPS games in an ocean of looter shooters and games-as-a-service titles.


Noisy Pixel - 7.5 / 10


The truth is, even if 2020 didn’t need Serious Sam 4, it’s here anyway. The game considers loyal fans through it’s added levels of customization while acknowledging new fans with some narrative moments to get to know this insane cast of characters. Some aspects feel dated in the graphics and AI, but when hundreds of enemies are running your way, none of that matters because all you can think about is what weapon you’re going to use to take out the trash.


TechRaptor - 7.5 / 10


Serious Sam 4 succeeds where it needs to, and fails where it's not really all that important. An unchanging series that is a must for fans.


Worth Playing - 7.5 / 10


Serious Sam 4 is a very good game in an underwhelming package. There's no doubt that the relentless carnage and large levels hit the sweet spot of old-school FPS charm in the solo and co-op modes. It feels good to shoot, dodge and scramble to pick up items at a frantic pace. The various bugs, long load times, and lackluster presentation drag things down significantly. It is well worth playing if you need a classic shooter fix, but be prepared for rough times until a few patches come into play.


Wccftech - 7.3 / 10


Serious Sam 4 takes us back to a simpler time in first-person shooters, where massive guns and well-timed one liners make up the bulk of the action. There's a bit of jank that's impossible to miss and Croteam isn't breaking any new ground here but Serious Sam 4 is a great way to just shut off any critical thinking and blast away at a few thousand aliens for an afternoon.


PC Gamer - 71 / 100


Mowing down thousands of aliens in Vatican City is worth doing at least once.


3DNews - Russian - 7 / 10


Technical mess, outdated visuals, awkward 'modern' design decisions… and a lot of fun to play!


GamingBolt - 7 / 10


Serious Sam 4 won't rewrite the book for narrative FPS campaigns and that's perfectly fine. It sticks close to the series' roots while offering some contemporary improvements and improved presentation. If you're hankering for some straightforward shooting action that doesn't take itself too seriously, Sam "Serious" Stone's got your back.


IGN Spain - Spanish - 7 / 10


Serious Sam 4 doesn't want to change your life or make a revolution in the genre. Fun and mad co-op with a very repetitive formula.


Shacknews - 7 / 10


Serious Sam 4 is fun to play – and an even bigger joy if you bring co-op into the mix. If you’re a fan of the series, then you’re going to feel right at home. If you’ve never played a Serious Sam game, then just don’t go into it expecting the same level of narrative as story-driven games, because you aren’t going to find it here.


Spaziogames - Italian - 6.8 / 10


Serious Sam 4 shows a repetitive and bland level design with no fresh solutions for modern players. It is not an evolution for the series, nor what a 2020 shooter should be.


Attack of the Fanboy - 3 / 5 stars


When combat is firing on all cylinders, and the Legion System isn't crashing your PC, Serious Sam 4 is a decent slice of old-school shooter goodness. Yet, in sticking to its guns, Serious Sam 4 ends up being an aggressively mediocre experience.


AusGamers - 5 / 10


It's not funny.


IGN - 5 / 10


Serious Sam 4 still has the spectacle of hundreds of enemies bearing down on you, but its long stretches of run-and-gun shooting quickly become monotonous.


TrustedReviews - 2.5 / 5 stars


Serious Sam 4 repackages, rather than reimagines the iconic shooter's core mechanics in a way that will amuse fans of the original games. Sadly, a lack of innovation and outdated sense of hmour will undoubtedly put off newcomers.


Windows Central - 2.5 / 5 stars


Serious Sam 4 marks the return of Sam "Serious" Stone and his alien killing antics and promises the same chaotic arcade-style shooter fans are used to, but does it deliver? Unfortunately, Sam is unable to circle strafe his way around dated gameplay, poor pacing, and an unbelievably bad presentation.


Player2.net.au - B-


What you see is what you get with Sam’s fourth adventure. There are no surprises here but there is comfort to be found in decimating wave after wave of alien nasties while cracking bad one-liners



ACG - Never Touch



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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Serious Sam 4 (24 September 2020) - Information Thread, update: Launch Trailer and reviews from OpenCritic posted

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