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bears are silly


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6 hours ago, Emperor Diocletian II said:

Interesting! :thinking:


Is it "gamey" like venison?

I only had it once when I was a kid (my neighbor shot one around their cabin). I remember it being pretty gamey, but my palette probably wasn't very developed at around 10 or so. :p Still, I know a lot of hunters and most of them won't touch bear meat because they say it's too gamey. 

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34 minutes ago, Rachel said:

pls describe “gamey”

It basically just means a more intense flavor. Farmed animals usually have a lot more fat on them and have a different diet, so that affects the taste of the meat. Some people really dislike it, I guess just because they're not used to it. I eat wild game so rarely that it's a bit of a rare treat. 

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