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Idea: We take a field trip to Osaka


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2 hours ago, stepee said:

Down for 2021! And wait there will be an Orlando one?


Not officially. I think they were going to wait and see how successful the Osaka one will be. But I mean, c'mon...


37 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

I'd rather go to Osaka than Orlando.


I don't have free room and board in Osaka. I also don't have a passport. I also don't like flying. Just forget it, I'm staying home.

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I stayed at one of the Uni hotels a few years ago when I had a business trip to Orlando as a good buddy of mine worked there. He was one of the upper level house keeping managers and he told me that Nintendo had a bunch of people in that week and were staying at the resort hotels. Kinda cool to see the Nintendo land coming together all this time later.

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