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  1. I’m pretty pleased only because I won’t feel as rushed with a new PC build this year. I hope everything new is out by July.
  2. I think I’ve settled on July too. AMD Zen3 + Nvidia Ampere seem too close to not wait for. I was thinking Intel 10700k whenever it’s released but don’t like the idea of Zen3 coming out a few months later. I’m aiming for 1440p. I guess I’ll get caught up on my console backlog.
  3. I’m torn at what to do. Do I build a new system in March for Cyberpunk and maybe get a mid-end GPU or wait and build a high end system in July when everything new comes out.
  4. After FF7R, i probably wont buy any new Playstation games until PS5. Ghost of Tsushima will be day 1 PS5 for me.
  5. I had been holding off on playing the first game, but i bought it for the PS4 Pro right after seeing this trailer.
  6. I've never heard of the Intellivision Amico, but I'll look out for it. I do like me some Earthworm Jim. Maybe your mom will enjoy the Amico now.
  7. What’s games did your mom play? Did you have a favorite? Do you emulate any of then now for old times sake? haha I didnt want to come off as that. I’ve seen the NES in museums too. Plus I was born in ‘84 so we’re not too far off in age I suspect.
  8. I’ve never played anything before NES, which was my first console. I’ve seen the Intellivision at a museum though. Did you have fun with it?
  9. I’ll probably buy Spider-Man Complete. Maybe AC: Odyssey Gold (w/AC3 As well) I might jump on Kingdom Hearts but doubt I’ll have time to play it. hope the sale starts soon.
  10. Strange that the trailer seemed like a sequel to HL2: Ep2, but its a prequel to HL2. I dont own a VR rig, but this might get me to purchase one.
  11. I skimmed the video and it doesn't even give you prices. It just shows a title and says, "60% off!" or "67% Off!"
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