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Calgary has a sex doll rental service and, yes, they clean them

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Calgary has a sex doll rental service and, yes, they clean them 


What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about a sex doll rental service?

If you're like most of the clients or would-be clients of Calgary-based Natrl Dolls, it's: "How are they cleaned?"

So, OK, the cleaning process first. 

The whole thing takes place while the body of the doll hangs from a hook over a tub to catch the water and soap, its head removed, legs bent. 

"The first thing we do is we bring the doll back here and begin our cleaning procedure immediately," says one of the new service's co-owners, whom CBC News has agreed not to identify because he feared repercussions at his other job, but who we'll call Steve. 

"So we disassemble the doll, we take out any removable orifices, we take off the head, then we proceed to do a rinse with hot water to get any surface bacteria or surface solids off.

"Then we begin with our anti-bacterial soap."


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1 minute ago, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

If Trump knew about this he wouldn’t have married Melania, which is basically the same thing, but mouthy. 


Trump would rent it for 2 hours, keep it overnight, and then file for bankruptcy when it went to collections.


Also, everytime I hear about these dolls all I can think of is Lars and the Real Girl and how good that movie is.


Also, also, there isn't just a sex doll rental shop. This is a sex doll rental shop that's doing so well they're expanding.

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