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The wrestling thread now with Vinny Mac re-taking control of WWE

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On 10/3/2019 at 11:41 AM, Dodger said:

Jack Swagger, Jack fucking Swagger? So this is my first exposure to AEW and yeah it seems like WWE retreads I didn't give a shit about back then are the focus of the show. Who is the top face of the company? I assume it's Kenny Omega, but last night was all heels, all the time. 


I'll give so more chances but so far it already looks like the very worst of TNA (shit retreads no one cares about, though TNA did have periods of pushing "vanilla midgets" who never would have had a chance in WWE). The reason I watched TNA, NXT, and want to watch AEW is because I want to see guys like Christian Cage or Samoa Joe be the top guy in the company. Or guys like Adam Cole, Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gorgano steal the show when if they were ever on the WWE main roster they would be lucky to be 2 month Smackdown Midcard champs. 


Also, it was only 1 match and promo but MJF seems like generic boring asshole heel to me. 


Highlight of the show was easily the womens match, though the first match was decent as well. 


Neville needs a better name than Pac, what the fuck is that anyway? Also it seems he's actually somehow devolved as a wrestler since NXT where his matches are a bunch of boring shit, then crazy top rope spin splash finisher. 


Overall, I was pretty disappointed in what I saw. I hope it gets better. 


One thing I'll say for that is Jericho had mentioned in an interview that it's hard to take 40 guys you don't know and throw them out there, so they have to be built one by one and they might build a couple a month:



So it'll probably be a transition. Even guys like Swagger have experience and can be used to get others over. And I also have to imagine guys who were midcarders and couldn't break out in WWE see AEW as a way to be more creative and make it on TV. I figure there could be growing pains.


Not saying that they're guaranteed to not make mistakes other companies make. Hell if I know how this will play out in the next 6 - 12 months. :p 

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23 hours ago, Mercury33 said:

Those new cameras for Smackdown were soooooo nice. Looked phenomenal. 


I’m guessing Fox is getting ready for a 4k jump? Those cameras were ridiculously high fidelity.


10 hours ago, elbobo said:

Vasquez needs gynecomastia surgery immediately 



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2 hours ago, johnny said:

Velasquez has always looked like that pretty much. Once he leaves the USADA drug testing pool bc of the UFC I’m sure he’ll look better. 


He def didn’t have boobs like that


So, is HiaC going to just be the 4 advertised matches? The first match was just over 30 min and this tag match seems to be going for a similar length 

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18 minutes ago, SoberChef said:

Oh fucking great O.C. gonna have to job out tonight, FUCK! It's like WWE said "Hey guys we appreciate ya'll re-signing a long term deal with us...time to bury your asses."


More like “Oh, you guys signed and aren’t going to RoH, NJPW or AEW? Sweet, we can stop that push we didn’t want to do!”

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9 hours ago, Spork3245 said:

JFC. If that’s how you’re going to book a match ending, don’t even have the god damned match.


What, you have a problem with the most dangerous match in the WWE, Hell in a Cell, ending in a DQ?



The fuck kind of logic is that? :lol: I know wrestling is known for contradicting itself, but nobody in the creative meeting said, "Not sure about this, guys," and Vince approved it?! 


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That “restart match” chant went on for quite awhile.

They also went WAY too long with Rollins pummeling Wyatt with finishers and objects. The first time, after Rollins hit the pedigree, was great, as it was exactly how he beat Lesnar (multiple curb stomps into a pedigree)... then it just went on forever, even before Rollins tried to pin again.

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1 hour ago, Spork3245 said:


Apparently Vince was in the back laughing at the fans being upset over the ending. 

JFC. I hope AEW grows into something huge.


Rollins was already becoming a bit of a joke, and they potentially killed The Fiend with this nonsense booking.


Apparently, there are contradicting sources:



Meanwhile Sapp added in his report that sources countered each other over how McMahon felt about the ending, with one source saying McMahon was laughing over the crowd's reaction while others said "he knew he messed up."


Then again, someone can laugh as a defense mechanism but know that it was a bad decision.

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You know, that link mentioned something interesting:



If previous years are any indication, Rollins won't have to defend the Universal Championship again on pay-per-view for quite some time. He's already booked for a 10-man tag match at Crown Jewel on Oct. 31, and will likely be in a Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series in November if WWE opts to keep the "battle of the brands" theme they've had for the show over the past few years. That means that, unless he defends the title on free television, Rollins is off the hook until TLC on Dec. 15.


Nothing's final until it's final, but the fact that someone can assume that, at least, we'd have to wait until Survivor Series for a rematch, means that I basically know what's going to happen for the next month. Like... nah, man.

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