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Genki "Covert" Portable Dock for Switch


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There's a new kickstarter for a "covert" portable dock for the Switch that I think looks pretty cool. It's basically a wall plug with a 30W USB-C PD charging port and a USB 3.1 port, but it also has a HDMI cable for plugging your switch into a TV. Interestingly, it's GaN based, which doesn't really mean anything for it's capabilities so much as it allows for it's smaller size.


They claim they've made sure it won't fry your Switch, but I'd be afraid to be the first guy to try it.



Also kinda nifty is that the HDMI port supports USB-C's Display Port alternate mode, so if you plug in a laptop to the charger, you can use the HDMI port and the USB 3.1 port with your computer.


All the standard kickstarter warnings apply. These guys have previously made a bluetooth adapter for the Switch, so at least they have some kind of track record.

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6 hours ago, TwinIon said:

They claim they've made sure it won't fry your Switch, but I'd be afraid to be the first guy to try it.


It won't fry your Switch if it's a standard USB-C connection. 


On 8/6/2019 at 6:31 AM, Jason said:

Guys, the female port on the Switch itself is a spec USB-C connector. It's only the male port on the dock that's non-spec. I've been using a Pixel USB-C charger as my portable Switch charger and it works fine. 


The only problem here is that Nintendo didn't release the specs for their dock connector to third party peripheral makers, so the peripheral makers just took their best shot at copying it, but did it wrong and created a situation where you can get an electrical short that overvolts your console. 


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