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Peter Jackson’s King Kong was the most innovative game of its console generation


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I think it's best to start with the catalyst for this thread, namely https://www.polygon.com/2019/7/8/20680953/king-kong-xbox-360-game-rayman-michel-ancel and then move into the concept. 



I remember buying King Kong on the Gamecube, what must have been 6 months before I picked up an Xbox 360 (no correlation, bar the timing) as it was cheap and I'd seemingly played everything else on the Gamecube. Unlike the author of the article, I don't remember a huge amount from the game, bar it being surprisingly scary due to the nature of the combat and the enemies and parts of the game looking fantastic. 


The article does beg the question though, what movie tie-ins did you either love, or find were much better than they had any right to be?


To start off, we will not be talking about Goldeneye or Spiderman 2 in this thread as it has already been thoroughly discussed. As it's my thread however, I will start off with three games that I loved, played a huge amount and will still revisit from time-to-time now, when I want that hit of 'I love this, although I know it hasn't aged well'. 


Mission Impossible (N64)


I remember this being the first game my best friend and I actively followed until release (including the pain of it's significant delay) and when we played it, we both loved it. It had a great (mature) plot, the mechanics were decent and the spy element was implemented pretty fantastically (good gadgets, not forgetting the Face Changer). 




The above mission 'Embassy' was one that I replayed almost as much as Facility. 



The World is Not Enough (N64)


So underrated as it wasn't developed by Rare, but this took all the mechanics of Goldeneye, added more stealth bits, more story and a great opening sequence to make a very good FPS for it's time. This also laid the foundation for EA's surprisingly good James Bond offerings on the subsequent generation (Agent Under Fire, Nightfire, Everything or Nothing, From Russia With Love). 





Tomorrow Never Dies (PS1)


I know it's basically shit and a rip-off of Syphon Filter. It handles poorly, looks and sound shit, but...it's really fun. Really diverse and it was the first PS1 game that I had bought for me as a Christmas present. There was shooting, driving and skiing all in the one package which was nice and the film, despite not being the strongest, will always be one of my favourites as it was the first I owned on VHS. 






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I played the King Kong game, for the achievements, and never found it anything more than barely mediocre.


Movie tie-ins that I actually liked:

Robocop 3D  -- I played this on Amiga and actually liked it.  You went between driving around, and it being a rudimentary FPS.  It felt way ahead of its time.

Ghostbusters --   I played this on the 64 (the real one, not the name-stealer by Nintendo) -- and it had you going around the city doing different missions.  And if you pressed the space bar it actually SAID "ghostbusters".

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade -- LucasArts adventure game.  'nuff said

Raiders of the Lost Ark -- I have no idea if this game was any good, but I enjoyed it when I was 8.  But it seemed revolutionary for an Atari 2600 game.

Batman the Movie -- Classic Amiga game that had you driving and platforming.


Star Wars -- I played this in the Arcade, and later on the Amiga (with a mouse).  


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15 hours ago, crispy4000 said:

Best movie tie-in game:



Factor 5... RIP


That was an excellent series... and the sad thing is, with the tech that devs have now, there's absolutely no reason why there couldn't be a mindblowing sequel (or at least a spiritual successor) in the works. The lack of representation of this genre is puzzling. It's like they forgot how to make them.

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