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BioWare had all-hands staff meeting about Kotaku piece, Frostbite engine


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29 minutes ago, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

I don’t think anyone is talking to Jason. I think he had a secret hidden enterence into the building where he hides in the air vents listening to conversations. 


He's probably pulling a Kramer. Blending in as the workers no one knows who he is but assumes he works there. :p

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4 minutes ago, Reputator said:

I finally read the Kotaku article in response to this. Does anybody really believe that EA will fix this, or knows how to maintain a long-term healthy development process?

Part of me want EA to go "Since you guys are snitches, everything is about to get a lot worse," and then I want to read the fallout from that. Also, I expect anyone with the name, "Jason," or any of its variants to get fired. 

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10 hours ago, JPDunks4 said:

Why is it EA that is to fix it, the article kind of points out that EA is relatively hands off and lets their studios do their own thing.  They just ask for a long term revenue stream.

Well, if EA forces Frostbite on their studios that is a major contributor to development issues. 


If Bioware chose to use Frostbite, then they  are idiots. Especially with the issues the team had in Andromeda with Frostbite. If they could, they should have moved to Unreal years ago. 

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