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Rodrigo Duterte says he’ll resign as Philippine president if someone can prove God exists

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The Philippine president, who recently sparked outrage for calling God stupid, has courted new controversy in his largely Roman Catholic country by saying he will resign if anybody can prove that God exists.


President Rodrigo Duterte questioned anew in a speech late Friday some of the basic tenets of the Catholic faith, including the concept of original sin, which he said taints even innocent infants and can only be removed through baptism.



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45 minutes ago, mclumber1 said:


Duterte is a lot like Trump - To both of them, there is no being higher than themselves.  


Absolutely, the only difference is that Trump still needs his religious minions.


If Trump wins a second term, I could see him making comments like this. Probably not as extreme, but at least going more directly at moralists with whom he has forged an uneasy alliance of pretending his past doesn't exist.

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