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PlayStation Plus - Free Games Lineup January 2019 (Steep & Portal Knights)


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43 minutes ago, Rodimus said:

I have been wanting something to scratch the SSX itch I have. Portal knights I don't know anything about it.

I wouldn't consider Steep a SSX itch reliever - I loved it but its more "realistic" compared to SSX for a winter sports video game. As a snowboarder, I loved it.  I think some of the challenges were a little too extreme in terms of expectations of perfection to get 3 stars but otherwise I enjoyed my play time with the game.

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Yeah, don't go into steep expecting SSX. The tricks are often frustrating because it can be both too realistic in one instance (half pipes) but then you fly off a small bump and get incredible air in free roam. But it's a great game to put on some music or a podcast and just ride. 

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Still not quite enough to decide to renew.  I always found the best way to market PS+ was to put in a lesser known single player game and then a secondary game that had online multiplayer (or even have that as the primary) as at least you know on playing, it will have a player base and will actually encourage you to try the game out.

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