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Playing video games may increase your brain's gray matter and improve how it communicates


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  • According to the results of a study published in Nature, gaming could possibly increase the volume of gray matter in the brain.
  • Researchers recently studied the insular cortex regions of frequent gamers and those who didn't play video games as regularly.
  • The study found a correlation between playing action video games and increased gray matter volume in the brain.


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This doesn't surprise me. Activities which require you to think on your feet and react to a abundance of different stimuli will keep your brain healthy. I got into dance last year, which also requires split second decision making with studies that back up its benefits you the mind.


So play up, fuckers.

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I remember having a driving instructor who said she noticed her students who play video games typically took to driving a lot quicker than those who didn't. And that it's probably because we're used to the abstracted cause and effect of using a controller—there's no obvious reason the controller should make the character on the screen do anything if you've never played video game before, just like the wheel and pedals on a car don't actually have an obvious connection to what the car will do if you've never driven before. 


And I'd add that we're also used to moving the joystick around and pushing the buttons to see what happens, which is just like feeling out the steering wheel and pedals of a car at low speed before you get moving for real. 

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