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The earth's ozone is on track to recover completely (and other positive climate news)

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There was no shortage of bleak climate news in 2023, already confirmed as the hottest on record. But amid the gloom, there have also been signs of progress.



The Earth’s ozone layer is on track to recover completely within decades, a UN-backed panel of experts announced in January, as ozone-depleting chemicals are phased out across the world.


The ozone layer protects the planet from harmful ultraviolet rays, but since the 1980s, scientists have warned about a hole in this shield due to ozone-harming substances, including chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which were used widely in refrigerators, aerosols and solvents.


International cooperation has helped stem the damage. A deal known as the Montreal Protocol, which came into force in 1989, began the phase-out of CFCs. The ozone layer’s subsequent recovery has been hailed as one of the world’s greatest environmental achievements.


Other positive news:


  • A surge in renewable energy
  • A climate deal that targets fossil fuels
  • Plummeting deforestation in Brazil
  • Electric vehicle sales surge


Article goes into detail for all of it

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On 12/24/2023 at 8:28 AM, CitizenVectron said:


What has Canada done? I'm not familiar.


As the only country in the Western Hemisphere with an end-to-end electric vehicle...

As the North American leader in battery recycling technology, Canada offers a stable source of recycled materials for new batteries.

Li-Cycle and Lithion Recycling have both developed patented processes that recover and recycle approximately 95% of the materials in an EV battery. The purity of the recycled materials is on par with freshly mined minerals, meaning that batteries can be recycled over and over again.

Maybe I'm wrong, but to me, that sounds good.

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