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NHL has league-wide Pride Tape ban.


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3 hours ago, Commissar SFLUFAN said:


The main issue driving it towards niche sport status is that it just doesn't really have any significant appeal to the growing Latin population.


It's also a very upper class sport. Hockey equipment is very expensive even more so for goalies.

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Just now, Biggie said:

Sure why not. People go to sports events and watch them on television to forget about life’s bullshit and cheer for their team. Can’t we just get 3 hours of fucking peace?


I appreciate that you're consistent at least but I would prefer the sporting leagues not cater to the losers who are upset that a player might show the most passive support possible for human beings. 

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The NHL was one of the first major leagues to take an active role in the LGBTQI community and Pride. Seeing this happen is so incredible disheartening. This began after Brendan Burke, son of NHL executive Brian Burke was killed, Brendan was on of the earliest athletes to come out and his Dad became a strong advocate for the movement following his sons passing.

This legit disturbs me

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