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Mortal Kombat Sequel Film - Oct. 24th 2025

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15 hours ago, skillzdadirecta said:

I mean, Scott Adkins is RIGHT THERE.


OK now THAT is some honest casting for sure. That being said, were the series to continue after this sequel, if you were to cast Scott as any other remaining MK character, who would it be? Personally ... Stryker came to mind as both half serious & half joke. Ermac or Rain could be possible. Kenshi however ... now that would be amazing! It would give Scott a chance at his portrayal of a blind martial arts sword master!!

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  • SoberChef changed the title to Mortal Kombat Sequel Film - Oct. 24th 2025

I remember not liking the reboot when it first came out, so I just rewatched it and yeah it's a very bland. It's basically a visually-improved Annihilation because the story and acting are awful but the fight scenes look cool (mostly). The quips are reaaaaaaaaally bad and unfunny, and the only charismatic character is Kano which is the lowest of bars to clear since it's hard to fuck up being a cocky Australian dude.


It's basically a movie made for "content" and


Leonardo Dicaprio Reaction GIF by Once Upon A Time In Hollywood


moments since barely any elements of the movie tie together in a meaningful or coherent way. 


Shang Tsung must have gotten his hands on it because there is no soul to this movie whatsoever, the original film still remains the best live-action movie, and it tells a worse version of the story than the recent animated movies do.

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I remember not liking the main character. Like he goes the whole movie without having a power or whatever. Then when the time finally comes, it’s a ripoff of the Black Panther suit that absorbs damage and reflects it back.

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