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John Hillcoat to direct Blood Meridian adaptation

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New Regency is adapting Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, widely considered one of the greatest works of American literature, as a feature film

I recently rewatched The Proposition and was less high on it than I was before, but more westerns are always good. 

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56 minutes ago, silentbob said:

The Road was an amazing book. Thankfully I read the book during my projection days and no one could see my crying twice while reading it upstairs in my booth. Bought the movie, but have yet to watch it 


Rectify this - the book is better but it's a damn good movie.

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1 hour ago, Chris- said:

I actually think Robert Eggers is the only director who could truly capture the spirit of the book. 


Eggers is a great pick. I think Nicolas Winding Refn could do it justice too. I think David Lowery could also do it given All Them Bodies Saints and The Green Knight, but he'd have to be willing to be more violent. John Hillcoat has genuine Western bonafides with The Proposition, so we know he can do the violence and setting justice (Blood Meridian is way worse than The Proposition, but The Proposition is still pretty bleak). And given how well he did The Road given it's basically unfilmable means he can do Cormac McCarthy justice as well. 


His two later films, Lawless and Triple 9, were also pretty good (I actually think both were hated on far more than deserved). Triple 9 was clearly cut down which hurt it and because The Proposition and Lawless were both written by Nick Cave (and directed by Hillcoat) I think people expected another film of the caliber of The Proposition but instead Lawless was just good by comparison. Get Cormac McCarthy himself to write the screenplay or bring on Nick Cave, who I think would bring that same, surreal elegiac tone to this that The Proposition had. And get him and Warren Ellis to do the music! The Proposition and The Assassination of Jesse James soundtracks work perfectly for their respective films.

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