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Games of perpetuity. GaaS?


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So I tend to view gaming in two ways. There's the ones that exist in the physical, like chess, go, football, any number of sports. All with histories longer than most our lifespans, and certainly with change across time. There was a time were videogames were the same to me. Even without multiplayer, it was play in itself to test the boundaries of design., akin to speedrunning and TAS today. My formative gaming years were with doom and quake and just deconstructing the respective projects to create mods, or just learn coding by osmosis.

But I feel that this era was an anomaly. The games of today seem to ascribe to a set moment in time, all encompassed within the reaches of it's completion.

Games like sports have evolved over time to accumulate the passing of time and evolution of play throughout decades and more and persist not just in the past and present, but to project a future of possibilities.

Part of the reason I love broodwar is the long history of unstable meta, and when the meta was considered solved, it became even weirder.

Will a videogame ever reach the echelon beyond consumption and into an established franchise the way that so many forms of play are, or are they just too tailored on the moment to upend the self contained nature of videogame mechanics in the industry writ large.

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I like games to be a self contained experience with a finite beginning and end. Sometimes I see games says shit like "We're planning 10 year of post launch support!" Motherfucker I don't want to be playing your game for 10 years. I can do a couple months for a 100+ hour RPG or something, and I might even replay it a couple times if it's really good but I'd rather have a full sequel and do it all over again over a new map releasing 5 years later. 


And I'd definitely rather pay a few extra bucks up front for the "full package" than get told a year later pay more money for more content because by then I've moved on to something else. 

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Should this inspire interest in taking the “next big thing” video game to a platform that it has never appeared on before and make it a full-fledged franchise? How would that even work, considering the proven inability to package and market a title outside of the machine? Would Activision buy one or would players like Benji ultimately step in? Why did Halo only come to PC and consoles? Why did it? Who decided this? Would it? Could it? Could not? Is it even practical to package a Halo game outside of the Halo universe?


Were the three Halo games not created at Microsoft, the Xbox, and Microsoft’s development studios, would there be a concern of “fake gaming” becoming a discussion when they are showcased on Xbox Live, especially given Microsoft’s corporate atmosphere. The hyperbole surrounding fake gaming is an oxymoron. It implies that the Xbox Live user base doesn’t work in the real world (the juxtaposition between being a society built around physical and virtual places) and by extension they don’t appreciate or recognize that Xbox Live has evolved beyond “a game console inside a console”, or at least they do not appreciate it as much as they would have and will come to appreciate it.


You can argue that Microsoft’s move to more user-generated content has given gamers a more direct voice, such as on Xbox Live’s Game Design forums and in the Xbox Feedback forums, but that in itself is a brand new type of game and would have to have been built upon the largest of audiences.

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I don’t think any one game will ever be as ever-present as a game like chess or even a sport.  But it’s not far off to say genres effectively do the same type of thing. Like, fighting games, though extremely diverse, are close enough in mechanics that they scratch the same itch more or less to the audience who plays and watches them. 

MOBAs, FPS, RTS, and so on are in the same boat. But no I don’t think in 100 years a significant following will be there for DOTA 2 or whatever, specifically. 

(let’s be honest, there will be no electricity by then to be had for human consumption anyway)

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