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I'd like to publicly apologize to a few individualsls and address the other issue too :)


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First, the comments I made about @CastlevaniaNut18 were absolutely ridiculous and so inappropriate on many levels. I truly feel bad for saying such idiotic shit. It made no sense and I understand you and your husband have a beautiful relationship. I am very sorry and I don’t expect any comments back. I just wanted to set the record straight. You're a very hard worker in an incredibly stressful job career. I have a lot of respect for you!


The other's are in no order. @Kal-El814 to randomly kinda just explode at you and trash you was completely out of line and shows exactly where my mental health is right now. I don't think I've really had any issues with you and you are a very intelligent and funny man. I apologize for saying what I did and thanks for handling like an adult.


@Chris- same thing I did with kal, I did with you. To just randomly come at you for no fuckin reason at all was pathetic. You're a really nice man with a beautiful new wife. It was complete nonsense what I said to you so I apologize. Again, you handled everything like an adult so thank you. 


@Rachel I shouldn't have blocked you. Again, my current mental health is extremely poor and you didn't do anything to me lol. You're a great person and have been through a ton of shit. I know you don't even care about this but I still want to have a friendly relationship. You've given me amazing advice through the years and I value our friendship greatly.



I know that I may be the most unstable user on here, but deep inside I'm a very good guy. Losing my identical twin brother basically felt like I died the day he did. I've never been the same but I can't sit idle and not progress. I need intensive therapy which will begin today at 2pm. I'm off work until the 25th because I had a breakdown which all of you witnessed. 


I just want to make it clear that this website means a lot to me. I love chatting games, movies, and life on here and there are truly some amazing people here. I feel incredibly thankful that I have this place at the end of the day. I have severe insecurities and self doubt which all came about with being an identical twin. I can get very emotional in my responses on here too which I need to work on. I will do better to handle myself with respect and maturity.


@Commissar SFLUFAN you are so amazing and thank you for keeping this place alive. I honestly feel if I had real big fucking issues I could reach out to you and you would help me. God bless Inuk and thank you, Wade.


Ok, I think that covers it. I'm really going to try to stay positive and treat others like I would want to be treated. 


I love every one of you guys/gals on here.  💗 


Have a great day, guys!


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56 minutes ago, sblfilms said:

Take care of yourself, my man


Thank you 😊 


I'm definitely working on it and this book I have "Twin Loss" has been life changing for me. I'm FINALLY reading information that I can relate too. It's so refreshing to read this because the author is a survival twin like myself.


He lost his twin at 20yrs old and everything thing he explains hits home. It's teaching me how to grieve and how to move on with life while never ever forgetting you're other half. 

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1 hour ago, Biggie said:

Wow. I don’t get any apology? 


I'm sorry Biggie for calling you the most inappropriate user on here 🤧 


12 minutes ago, BasemntDweller2 said:

Yo lemme get one of them apologies 


I don't think we ever had any issues? I know I wanted to punch you in the face at one point lol

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