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  1. Okay, but you are a 52 year old living in their parent’s house. Literally.
  2. Just because I live in America, doesn’t mean I’m American. Thank you.
  3. No I’m not lol. Canadians are the same about it as Americans anyway. I just almost said “North Americans” which wouldn’t be right cause that includes Mexicans who don’t treat death all taboo the way Americans/Canadians do.
  4. Everyone dies. Americans are so weird about death. We can still check out her clit and discuss her clit it’s okay.
  5. No. We can talk about her clit any time.
  6. Having children is an inherently selfish act because it’s only to benefit the parent. The child never asks to be born and has no say in it. This means a parent should be responsible for providing for ALL of their offspring’s needs for as long as they both shall live. No more getting off the hook because a child turns 18. See your responsibility through to the end. I propose that expectant parents must agree to this before giving birth or else they must abort the pregnancy.
  7. Rachel

    Hi I’m new

    Lol that’s incredible. Is that new or old?
  8. @SuperSpreaderif you’re confused, google it. Avocados are a berry.
  9. At least the right/wrong way makes sense with the spelling. The fully wrong way swaps around the letters. It’s fucking stupid.
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