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  1. Wasn’t expecting to like it but it was pretty kewl
  2. Thats okay I found somewhere to live
  3. People here hate me and want me to suffer
  4. My sister doesn’t even pay for the house either. Her ex husband does! It’s like inception but instead of dreaming it’s mooching
  5. I thought that too. She’s one of the richest and most powerful people in the world, how can she complain like she’s being held back? But when you really look at the lyrics she’s talking more about social commentary towards her and double standards about specific personal traits which is valid tbh. And since she’s a sociopath and most of her songs are just her pretending like she’s a normal human and you know she doesn’t actually feel what she’s writing about, this song is a nice change of pace as I could see her being legitimately annoyed about these things because she hates when people don’t treat her like a god.
  6. Lol my mom lives in my sister’s basement. You know where I’m moving to.
  7. I can’t stop listening to it for like a week now. It’s so good. So many amazing tracks. I love cruel summer, the man, and the archer the best. Oh and death by a thousand cuts! whats your fave track?
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