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  1. You don’t get it but that’s okay you don’t have to
  2. Congrats, you have misophonia too. Mouth smacking, stomping, and humming are all triggers for it.
  3. Burping is completely different from all those things
  4. Yeah it’s like, a thing. I was relieved when I learned that there’s a name for it and other people experience it. I feel for you with what you’re trying to cope with at work man. I know how upsetting and completely infuriating it is. Hard to deal with that all day.
  5. I have misophonia too and I can only imagine how fucking horrible that is. I’m sorry. Definitely ask to move. Tell whoever is in charge of that decision that the new move has put you next to someone who is very distracting and it’s affecting your performance. Either they can move her or you. Hopefully it is just temporary but there’s no guarantee her horrible mouth noises will stop once the braces come out.
  6. But you don’t even know if other people in the restroom have the genetic capability to smell it
  7. Montana is 2 hours from me let’s hang out
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