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  1. Wow that made me hungry @best3444buy me dinner
  2. Temporarily? Several. Permanently? 0.
  3. Wow summer break is short there!
  4. That’s awesome! Learning and getting sucked into internet rabbit holes can be fun. I’m glad it made you happy. Like I said, nothing is too small. How bout me? What’s going well for me is that I’m home in Canada, I’m strong as fuck. I’m a survivor, I’m blessed with people who care about me and I’m working hard every day for mental health recovery, and I’m already seeing progress. Still got a long road ahead of me but I’m on the path. That’s awesome! Congratulations. It’s mid July though, summer break hasn’t started yet over there?! I’
  5. Enjoy it while it lasts buttercup I’ll be gone again soon 😘
  6. What’s something good happening in your life? Doesn’t have to be anything major (cool if it is tho!), even if it’s a small positive thing I wanna hear about it. AAAAND go
  7. I’m also worried about your dog
  8. I'm very blessed with many friends. I have 3 BEST friends back home in Canada. One I have known for 25 years, another for 23 years, and one for 17 years. I feel very lucky. I consider them to be family and they have been incredibly kind and supportive to me my whole life, including now when I'm going through one of the top hardest times in my life. I also have some long distance friends who I have been friends with for a long time like OP and ny ny. Beyond that I have some more casual friends/acquaintances both from where I'm from and places I'm not. I have a lot of people I consid
  9. Your new prescription implies that your vision worsened, that’s why some of the numbers are lower. It happens all the time and is normal. If that’s what’s going on in your case then your new prescription should make your vision clearer than your old one, not the other way around. I’m guessing there was a mistake at your eye doctor. Definitely go back.
  10. I just remembered she intentionally dehydrated herself and called it a medical treatment 😂 Anyway that’s one person and one experience. I can’t speak for hers, only for mine. I’m not going to be toxic with you anymore and I’m not going to pretend we are friends either. But if you could just hold your dubious and negative comments for another time and not during the worst week of my existence, I’d really appreciate it. Ultimately you can do and say whatever you want. All I can do is ask. Thanks.
  11. It’s one of many evidence based treatments that people can employ. I’m sure it’s exploited and is twisted by many people to be done ineffectively, but when done in the proper way with guidance from actual mental health professionals, it’s legitimate. Anyway, let’s get to what really matters here. What exactly do you get out of trying to tear someone down who was suicidal and severely mentally ill to the point they had to be hospitalized? Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with you? You seemed to be understanding of mental illness when you roommate was suffering from it and you helped
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