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  1. Personal medical reasons no not an abortion or breast reduction lol
  2. Every time I hear something about your mom she just sounds like such a toxic terrible person
  3. That’s really cool! Good for you. Even if you don’t have any close bio relatives on there I can only imagine it would be very insightful and interesting to learn a little more about yourself and your genetics. Be sure to tell us just how white you are!
  4. Nice. 23andMe or ancestry? how would you feel if your results connected you to close biological relatives?
  5. I don’t have an electric bill also hi I’m in Atlanta
  6. Sadly it was Weezer. They were completely phoning it in. No passion or energy. Seemed bored and unhappy to be there.
  7. Biggie can I borrow your car while I’m in Atlanta?
  8. what kind of treatments have you done?
  9. you should. I haven’t had any updates myself.
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