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  1. I mean there isn’t exactly a limit so long as you’re physically able to. Also you can freeze your sperm and eggs. But morally there are things to think about. Having a kid at 50 for example is that really fair to the child? You’re 68 when they graduate. They just start their adult life and you’re on the way to the grave. If you even make it that far. It just seems really unfair. My dad had me at 40 which is definitely an older parent but not too too extreme. It definitely bothered me a lot more when I was younger. And I do feel sad thinking about how if my parents had me in their 20’
  2. I got to writing a note but doing so made me change my mind. Thinking about writing another note except this time not changing my mind. I tried. I gave it a good effort for a few more years. It’s just not working out. hbu?
  3. I’m sure the 15 beers a day don’t help either
  4. Yeah, mainstream porn isn’t going to show that. You gotta find scat for that.
  5. You can prep all you want with enemas and skipping meals, and you can STILL get shit on a dick. The chance is always there.
  6. you’re right. i didn’t think of that because I’m ignorant. anyone who wants to anal the day away should do that
  7. You’re welcome! Glad to give you a giggle. This is why no one should do anal. I was trying it out for a little while and it was fun but then things changed after I put a dildo in my ass. When I cleaned it off after it just had like brown tinged lube residue on it. So disgusting. Since then I can’t do anal because all I can do is think about poop residue getting on my man’s dick and my ass cheeks and I just can’t have that. He says it doesn’t bother him and he can just wash his dick after but even still... YUCK.
  8. I can’t imagine not joking and having some laughs during sex. Especially when you let a big fart rip on your man while he’s railing you from behind it’s hilarious!
  9. Never had sex. I am a virgin. And I’m very serious about that it’s not a laughing matter.
  10. Humor is important to us neurotypicals. It’s a source of joy and bonding. You won’t see it going away any time soon. I’m sure we can find some common ground though. You work with us and we’ll work with you.
  11. holy fucking shit why did I read all of this omg
  12. I know two different couples from an old Hilary duff forum I used to frequent that met on there in like 2005 mins and they’re all still married and together today.
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