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  1. Then why hasn’t he done what he said he’d do? Why did he RUN AWAY when it came time to do it?
  2. It was wut’s idea to name our daughter after me.
  3. First weigh May 15th: Ghosty: 2lbs 0oz Otto: 1lbs 14oz Jingle: 1lbs 12oz Second weigh May 27th: Ghosty: 2lbs 10oz Otto: 2lbs 7oz Jingle: 2lbs 3oz
  4. Why’d you do it, Boyle?
  5. He promised to do something he had no intention of doing. He told people something that he KNEW wasn’t true @Boyle5150 is a liar
  6. Rachel

    90 day fiancé

    Not sure. I don’t use Tiktok as I’m not 12 😜
  7. You said you were going to buy wut a game in June 2019. You left discord at the end of May. You said something that wasn’t true. You lied.
  8. Rachel

    90 day fiancé

    Some people on this show deserve to be used. Her child fucking ex is one of them.
  9. you also left discord to avoid getting caught in a LIE but I remember your dishonesty
  10. Rachel

    90 day fiancé

    Lol wow I did not and would not ever do those things #LocalLoveOnly
  11. Rachel

    90 day fiancé

    All people who date people from other countries are fucking stupid. No exceptions. and anyone who would actually move to another country to be with someone is so fucking hopelessly retarded that they should be euthanized.
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