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  1. You’re a lot of talk. Where are your food pictures? Show us all how it’s done. also it has to be food you made, not your wife.
  2. @best3444 where are you? Are you okay? Do you need help?
  3. I added Metamucil to my grocery list 👍 ordering today
  4. hmmmm I get a lot of fiber usually but I guess it couldn’t hurt to try some Metamucil too. I’ve heard that recommendation before. Also for fissures I heard Botox is an effective treatment.
  5. I’ve heard this false claim before so I’m withholding excitement. Pogs were so useless in hindsight lol like what the fuck was that shit.
  6. I will continue to have nothing to say about this situation at a later time.
  7. I took the plunge and used the hemorrhoid cream. WHAT A DIFFERENCE in just a day holy fuck. It was growing so big it started poking out of my butthole. Now it shrunk and is almost gone!!!!!!!! HOORay for BUTT CREAM!!
  8. what is actually going on with you? Why aren’t you participating in chat? You are ignoring everyone. But you can come here? What is happening AHHH I NEED YOU
  9. We got a bidet 2 months ago but have had some roadblocks in installing it. Looks like this weekend we should finally be able to install it. I can’t WAIT especially because I’ve had an unruly hemorrhoid lately, wiping Is torture.
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