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  1. Rachel

    Delete d1p

    The website hasn’t been deleted in a while. Let’s delete it.
  2. Everyone play with their vag
  3. Beloved funny man who brought joy to others fucking killed himself
  4. I tried it the other day. It sucked and it’s overpriced. The Mac and cheese was amazing though. I might go back just for that tbh.
  5. it doesn’t even give me an option to put a province tbh. I put the city then select the country. This is mobile btw.
  6. I went to Popeye’s today because of this thread.
  7. I just put Calgary with no province and got all 7. My internet must be smarter than yours.
  8. I just checked and it worked for me. Turns out there’s actually 7 locations in Calgary 🔥.
  9. Not true. There’s like 5 locations in Calgary alone. And it’s fucking delicious!!!
  10. play again tonight? Using voice chat this time?
  11. That was wut who was playing. The race that was won was done by me.
  12. First played NES but it was my older sister’s technically. My parents gave it to her before I was born. I grew up always having it and playing it. First console that was all mine was N64. My parents got me one and my sister one so we didn’t have to share.
  13. you literally own the forum
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