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Nintendo acquires Dynamo Pictures, will be renamed Nintendo Pictures. Focus will be on theatrical full-length movies of Nintendo’s IP.


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Not even going to test the waters with the Mario movie? Just going balls deep into the movie production game?


I love playing Nintendo's first party video games, but I can't think of any that I'd like to see a movie of, especially animated. The novelty of a live action Zelda or Metroid movie might be fun for a minute.

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13 hours ago, XxEvil AshxX said:

I can't wait till they come out with home videos that only work on their players.

Oh, no doubt there will be switch carts of their movies. Maybe not exclusively, but I definitely expect it. And it will obviously be the worst way to watch. 

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5 minutes ago, gamer.tv said:

Would it be best served as ‘real people in these universes’, rather than an actual story about Link, Samus etc

A movie set in Hyrule about a historian desperately trying to unravel the timeline of their world.

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